The Bird Clock of Inner Space ~ Tool of Manifestation & Leveraged Evolution

BC wt BirdThe Bird Clock is the original work of  Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,  (

I am very pleased to finally be teaching the deeper mysteries of the Bird Clock of Inner Space! This tool is the most powerful one that Almine has received, to unify the meridian system and prepare to awaken the Tones of the Holy Alphabet through the 20 meridians.  The Bird Clock gives us the power to cooperate with Infinite Intent directly–a “formidable power” it is, as Almine has expressed.

Yet its power remains elusive until the following are in place:

  • The 12 ordinary meridians are cleared of emotion and memory…
  • We are in profound surrendered trust and in Praise, Love, and Gratitude no matter what and when…
  • We have merged inner and outer space through the tones of the kingdoms of nature
  • The full eight subpersonalities are in place and there is momentum to their further evolution to support a self-sovereign, self-sustaining existence

IMG_BC processIn this program you will first learn the basics of how to use the clock to activate a most potent Field of Hope, and will be supported to activate the 12 ordinary meridians so that they begin to operate as a fluid field wherein powers and perspectives are emphasized through the manifestation cycle. Each or the 12 ordinary meridians has a distinct function in downstepping the impulses received from the deeper dimension of the eight extraordinary meridians, and as these powers activate, the impulses articulated through the power of the Clock can be made manifest.

  • In the sessions, we briefly touch on moving from linear time in the dream of separation to exponential time in the stage of Awakening, with the magical Bird Clock, understanding how this begins the process of the meridians becoming a unified field.
  • We explore the Tool of Transcendence in the context of perpetual alchemy, and work with the Runes, to activate fluidity in being.
  • Androgyny through the Du/Ren, and internalizing outer geometry so that we manifest from inner space, through the harmonious inner family of sub-personalities, whereby we no longer leak resources to anything external.
  • Interpreting the daily guidance and an easy way get a feel of your power sigil for the day
  • We explore the Catalyst and Fairy Clock of Birdsong Wheels, and will understand the profound power of the 8 extraordinary meridians in co-creating a life of miracles (tie in to cosmic time map)
  • and more…

You may read more and sign up on the Bird Clock product page.


The Bird Clock appears on the picture of the bird, both are  copyrighted, LLC Spiritual Journeys. The Bird image is one of the cards by Almine. 
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