The Four Yogas of Illumination ~ “I AM” Yoga Programs

The Yogas of Illumination are the original work of the great mystic and seer, Almine (LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Yogas from the Angels ~  These yogas were received from the Infinite, by Almine, through angelic beings who kept these hidden until such time as mankind was ready for them.  They are great gifts in support for us to make the most profound transition through the merging of soul and spirit in the body. They clear the four lower bodies of man of all debris, that we may bring to balance the old cosmic cycles and transcend to the new reality unfolding.

We are very pleased to present these Devi Satva Yogas,  in supportive programs with yoga audios,  video of poses, and meditation audios.

The state of health in mankind is at a critical level of degeneration, while healing is elusive to many who are plagued with a noisy mind and at the mercy of mood swings. Each of these yogas restores harmony and integrity to one of the four lower bodies, restoring the ability to evolve to higher consciousness.

A little known meaning of yoga is “gates of the body”. These yogas were designed to create enlightenment by opening specific gates in the body.


Angel message on the yogas, received by Almine…

  • Irash Satva, I AM Abundance ~ clears trauma and obsolete programs from the physical body, opens up gates of abundance in the body, which are the 144 cardinal acupuncture points.
  • Shrihat Satva, I AM Lucid Dreamer ~ clears trauma and obsolete programs from the soul  body , of all imprints of the past cycles of incarnation (including past lives), so that all of our consciousness is fully present to move ‘through’  to a higher order reality–living as lucid dreamer of its self-determined virtual reality. Clears the meridians of emotional debris from subconscious levels. As meridians clear, we begin our move out of the matrix, toward merging inner and outer realities into a seamless whole. This yoga opens up the gates of dreaming in the body.  Available for purchase, below.
  • Saradesi Satva, I AM the Fountain of Youth ~ clears the illusion of polarity by balancing the opposite poles exactly so that they cancel out, revealing an incorruptible reality that lies beyond – the reality of Eternal Youth.   When poles are lived as one, we reach the still-point of timeless time and spaceless space, and become the Fountain of Youth.  This yoga opens the Gates of Awakening in the body, which “serves as the communication device of the vertical axis of existence” (the axis of form).  This enhances communication between left and right brain–increasing awareness. Saradesi Satva Yoga helps clear the accumulated debris of Ascension Cycles that gather in the unconscious parts of the mind. (To be released in Fall of 2015)
  • Aranash Suba, I AM Eternal ~ releases deepest trauma and thus the last vestiges of the old of illusion, and strengthens the Eternal Song of the Infinite within.  It focuses on release of deeply embedded trauma from the psoas muscle, as this major muscle holds all trauma from the cycles in the matrix of linear change from ages of lifetimes. With this yoga, we leave the matrix behind and live from the  incorruptibility of the Eternal Self. (To be released in 2016)

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The first yoga to come out is the “I AM Lucid Dreamer” program, to clear the dream or soul body of all trauma imprints and emotional debris.  The yoga  uses poses, sound elixirs, and eye movement, augmented by Fragrance Alchemy and principles of Rapid Eye Therapy to further enhance deepest release. The program comes with audios to clear the spine and pranic tube, and to activate the “Anhk” in the body to express anew in life while simultaneously releasing obsolete programs. The Anhk comprises higher functioning organs in the body, which is possible as the dream (soul) body merges with physical (through the practice of the yoga). Also included are audios/exercises to purify life and body through breath, to embody vastness of being, and more.

The other yoga product out is the video of  Saradesi Satva yoga.  Others are in progress

I AM Abundance  (Irash Satva)

Irash-small-1Irash Satva is the Yoga that opens us to the Song of Life. It is the most physical of the 4 yogas of Illumination. There are one hundred and forty-four cardinal gates (or acupuncture points) in the body, which when open, cause the cells to change to a state where they produce immortality. These 144 acupuncture points act as sluices for the supply of infinite resources. They become the channels between the beginningless reality of existence and the holographic, illusory reality of form. In Ascended Masters, many of these points or gateways are open, prolonging vibrant life for thousands of years.

In its original state, the physical form was meant to be self-purifying, self-regenerating, and self-transfiguring. Being created, it was not real or eternal but could, through pristine living and total surrender, open gates in the body that would allow the realm to permeate and indefinitely sustain it.”

By becoming gateways for the resources of the Infinite, consciousness in Cosmic Life is raised, and life unfolds with grace. We are told that when “the gates of abundance open like a rose (in the DNA), along the body’s meridians, the resources flow.” This yoga, kept by the angelic kingdom since the dawn of existence, called “The source of the rivers of life”, is released now because a new dawn in creation is upon us.

The yoga combines postures, sound elixirs, tapping acupoints, and concept of abundance that work to clear the debris and blocks in the meridian system, caused by eons in the dream of separation. With repetition, you will feel your body releasing tension and holding patterns that you did not even know you had, and as you do, you will embody principles of the abundant life. 

Product not yet available.

I AM Lucid Dreamer  (Shrihat Satva)

Shrihat-Satva-Yoga-v3-150x150Releasing the debris of the 12 most recent cycles of incarnation cycles and the 12 deeper cycles, the Shrihat Satva yoga combines postures, music elixirs, contemplations, and Fragrance Alchemy, to release at deepest levels,  the ‘scar tissue’ of the psyche – the heart attachments, belief systems, coping/defense patterns–, birth and death trauma, ancestral memory, separation angst, lymph clearing, and much more. This yoga prepares the body to more deeply release the past cosmic cycles and receive the many activations through the power wheels and other tools that Almine is bringing forth, to move into effortless knowing and genius, and mindless, inspired, automatic action–allowing Infinite Intent to reverberate through your being and impel you to full expression in a new dance of life beyond opposites.

Listen to a one minute audio clip on the elements that combine in this yoga. (spoken by colleague, Erlisa Jorganxhi,)

To purchase this very comprehensive program, use the button below. Cost is $127. 

I AM the Fountain of Youth (Saradesi Satva)

Saradesi-Satva-Yoga-v3Saradesi Satva Yoga removes linear time, which is the primary cause of aging and decay. Linear time occurs in the gaps caused by separation. Space is caused by what we are not expressing, and it becomes rigid and static when we see it in the mirror of opposites…as what we are not rather than as potential yet to be explored. We then move in linear time to try to get what really lies within. We separate when we self-suppress and have lost touch with our vastness…with knowing that we are all things and that all of existence is within our being.

This yoga helps remove the opposites of movement and stillness; by balancing them we cancel them out to reveal a state of eternal rejuvenation. In perfect balance, life is ever new–this is the nature of existence, and the result of having no reference point. Without a reference point, we are in perpetual renewed expression..and our eternal self is revealed.  This is a deeply transformative program that works at a non-cognitive level to shatter all structure.

Listen to a short audio on the yoga and its effect.

To purchase this yoga on video, with some additional audio meditations to support dissolving the past, use the paypal button below. Cost is $47

I AM Eternal (Aranush Suba)

Wheel-of-Aranash-Yoga1-298x3001-150x150Reaching where mind cannot go with the  Aranash Suba yoga, we will clear deepest trauma from the whole past cosmic cycle that is held in the psoas muscle. Psoas and jaw/atlas joint are connected, which corresponds to the medulla center or brain stem. Clear the trauma at this deep level and we clear the instinctual programs of the brain stem, which restores freedom to the mind. Freedom in mind activates the head glands to their higher functions to collapse the illusion of time and space and support excellence and continual inspiration to manifest highest potential and dream beyond what was. This training will serve as foundation for yoga teachers to understand the deeper context for the yoga.

Product not yet available.

Wheels for the four yogas by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,


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