The Power of the Gut Center to Purify Body and Life

The Gut’s power is central to:

  1. our ability to become sovereign,
  2. to accessing highest clarity and truth,
  3. to accelerated body evolution
  4. to clear intuition
  5. to powerful manifestation

This set of audios will lead you to engaging the tremendous power of the Gut center.

Gut BrainThe Gut or navel center is one of the three Dantien centers. Referred to as the Golden Stove in Chinese Medicine, the Gut is the center through which we direct life force for body evolution and regeneration. It is the center whose power determines the clarity of our thinking, as well as the acuity of our intuition.

All levels of reality affect the power of the Gut–from what we ingest as food, the drama and emotions we engage with, and the subtle programming from others. The Gut holds the power to become self-determined and self-sovereign. Yet in most people. This center is guarded and closed down. Many people find their Gut center is either a hard ball or it is completely numb. Those who have had sexual abuse in particular, will find the Gut to be closed down. This is also the center that determines our ability to co-create with the universe and receive and give abundantly.

In this audio program, we explore several ways to engage the power of the Gut as a ‘churning device’ to destroy negativity and reform it to higher substance for body evolution.As you utilize the higher function of the Gut in this manner, you will eat less, sleep less, feel lighter, have better elimination, clearer thinking, and greater emotional balance. In addition, it will support the opening of the 24 chakras and they in turn support greater power of the Gut to churn negativity and manifest higher expressions in life.

In digestion, we actually destroy all the substances that we take in and create new substance for our body (protein, sugar, etc.). Through this activity, we increase the power of thinking to hold higher consciousness or higher vibratory light. A similar activity takes place when we consciously consume what no longer serves in us, as well as negativity around us. We grow in power and higher awareness.


Did the Haaraknit activation last night and it is powerful!  Actually felt heat rising from by gut during and after the activation as I churned away! O.S. SeattleThe Haaraknit meditation transports me into another reality! Very amazing!  E.L.

I can feel the churning in my gut and sometimes it happens automatically and I have to wait until it’s done. L.S. NS


1. Gut Power to Destroy Negativity in and around you…

In this powerful audio program you will learn 3 ways to use the Gut to consume negativity and use that power for body evolution, one of which is a process to clear the negativity that accumulates as a layer of toxicity just below the skin surface.

kaarechmishavet2. Awakening Presence in the Haaraknit ~ The Wellspring of Formless Form…

(Wheel to Purify the Life Force Center, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Also included is an audio to lead you deeply into the nullpoint of the Gut–the center called the Haaraknit, where all is formless form…desireless desire. From a place of deep contentment and ‘no desire’, you will increasingly know life beyond attachment. When we want for nothing of this world, then all things from deeper reality come to us, and this outpictures as the bounty of life in all ways. The Haaraknit is the spaceless condition of ‘white magic’, from where all can be reformed and quickly manifested.  This also comes with an audio discussion on the new reality, and a pdf that contains highlights of the discussion and meditation, along with insights for contemplation. Also included are power wheels to support purification and activation of the Gut/Navel center.

3- Activation to greater Power of the Gut Center

And finally, you receive an activation audio that attunes you to the the Gut annihilator of the 2nd Adam Templates (received in 2011 by me and colleague Greg LeMoine). I deliver the attunement to you remotely (within 24 hours of purchase), and you may augment it via the meditation that also magnifies the activation.  The audio leads you to dissolve things in your life and reform them to higher expression through the power of the Gut.  The audio contains 2 angelic elixirs from angels that are dedicated to increasing the reformation power of the Gut.

The cost of this powerful program is $77–to purchase, use the button below.


Shortly after purchase, you will receive a download link to the product.


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