The Seven Breaths of Eternal Life ~ The Sacred Breaths of the Arasatma

The 7 Breaths of the Arasatma (Eternal Life) are the original work of Almine, (LLC Spiritual Journeys,

tube-torusLevel 1 is designed to release deep seated trauma and open the channels of prana. It initiates the grounding of the pranic tube and opening of the 24 chakras in the body–the system of powerful manifestation–, and cleanses the seven chakras  and the four bodies of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Practiced regularly, these breaths stops energy leakages that cause aging, death, and loss of consciousness through the adversarial relationdhip between body, soul, and spirit.   It is a most powerful process of internal alchemy that eventually leads to immortality in the body and inter-dimensional capacities, and reduces the need for food and sleep. It is much more powerful than it may appear, and making a regular practice of it will have a profound impact.  Three levels have been given to Almine so far.

The e-book by Almine, The Sacred Breaths of the Arasatma, is a must-read for those who are serious about purifying the body and reaching higher states of consciousness.

Level 1 of the Seven Breaths of the Arasatma is now available–follow the link below to the Adventures in Boundlessness webiste. Levels 2 and 3 will be forthcoming.


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