The Tri-Fold Nature of Being and the Father/Mother/Child Activations

Below is an excerpt from the Creating Heaven on Earth module, and part of the introduction to the three body activations to awaken the biunity of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Principles, and the subsequent trinity of being, as preparation for the second coming of the Christ within.

Balancing Heaven & Earth Within: Father/Mother/Child-Christ

God is the eternal Mother of ten thousands things; God is the unmanifest Father of all eternity.

These next three activations establish the foundational trinity of life and the tri-fold nature of being: the Father, Mother, and Child principles or rays. Deepening the connection to the Trinity of creation lays the very foundation to creating Heaven on earth. In these separate activations, each principle or ray is deepened and all distortions to receiving them at increasingly deeper levels are systematically purified.


The Tri-Fold Nature of Being

Love is your essence and is the power of the universe. Love is the law and ordering power behind all of creation. You may wield the power of the universe through your essence as love. Love is the creational means and the substance for all that is real. It may be considered as the vessel through which Spirit moves, and as Spirit moves in the substance of Love, all becomes ever greater beauty, order, and goodness. Spirit provides the direction to this immense creational soul force that creates like itself. Spirit is Truth, and Truth is Spirit. And so Truth provides direction for the force of Love to create like itself. Spirit is the masculine pole of God consciousness, if you will, and Love is its feminine pole—these poles of consciousness are referred to as God and Goddess, respectively.

When a being is so imbued with an affinity and thirst for Truth and Truth alone, perception can pierce through the veils of illusion and reveal the deepest truth of Spirit. And when one is so wholly surrendered to Love and ‘obsessed’ with a desire to know God, the way forward narrows (all that is unnecessary to your soul being falls away) such that it is utterly attuned with unfolding deeper awareness of self and revelation of God within.


Harmony of mind, soul, and body is wholly dependent upon the establishment of the holy marriage principle as a working factor in consciousness. Marriage is the means whereby spirit, soul, mind and body conjoin as one, to reproduce an action of life.”


As this state unfolds (and there are degrees to it, naturally), a fusion of the two poles of consciousness occurs, and this is the biunity or Holy Marriage wherein the power of understanding unites with the power of will (or desire nature) and one is lifted into ever higher realms of inspiration, aspiration, and ideal. And this becomes the birthing place for the second coming of the Christ—the Divine Child within. In the Child, one’s inner life is Spirit-filled, and one’s outer life is self-expression that reveals God in matter. And this is precisely the state of angelic beings—the angel’s inner life and outer life are in perfect harmony, and outer life is the full and perfect outpicturing of their inner life, providing the richness of experience on all levels of being. In reaching angelic consciousness, we actualize our Higher Self.

Until this state is reached, it is possible to have energies in one’s inner life that are not expressed—and all that is unexpressed is subject to confusion and distortion. The capacity of the human being to hold thought that he would not express or “fruit into action” introduces the element of death or dimness in consciousness (in the Father realm of being). His/her capacity to express what goes counter to what is held in thought introduces the element of death and disease in the body (in the Mother realm of being). It is precisely the disconnect from inner life with outer expression where untruth can begin, and untruth is what creates the world of illusion, duality, illness, and separation.

The separation is within us, and is amplified by the dissonance between inner and outer realities. Furthermore, all hidden energies that do not see the light of expression produce a scattering of power. When both inner and outer realities become perfect reflections of one another, we enter into a higher order reality wherein we are illuminated by Spirit, have complete focus of energy, and wield the power of the universe, becoming a force of order and beauty in our reality.

Embodying the Divine Masculine and Feminine Principles deeply is the pathway to dissolving all possibility of creating illusion, and to truly taking up our role as co-creator in this dimensional world. And the effect of embodying Truth and Love in this manner is an abiding state of peace in being. No matter what life brings, when you are deeply connected to the vibrations of Truth and Love, nothing can perturb your state of biunity of being. And in time, you will merge with the higher Child aspect and realize the Christed state of the Holy Trinity. In measure as you move toward this state, you will realize ever greater freedom, power to create, and joy in being.

All the activations in this module have intersections and convergences towards the state of embodying this highest tri-fold nature of being.


The Father principle or ray comes from infinity above, as blazing light, lighting up the body, imparting guidance, intuition, inner light, joy, mental clarity, inspiration and vision, and truth about the laws of nature. It is expressed in the upper three organ centers and chakras and all higher dimensional bodies.

The Father Ray is the nature of Spirit that holds the vibration of Truth, which illuminates, clarifies, and reveals the spiritual reality behind all levels of illusion or Maya. Affinity for truth ensures our ability to distill understanding from life and discern where structures of thought have imposed upon life rather than distilled from it. In the spirit of revealing truth, one remains humble.

Distributed over the three upper organ centers, the potential for Truth in perception and cognition may unfold as follows: from the higher dimensions comes the universal coding of the human being, which is funneled through the Higher Self and enters in at the Crown. Our connection to our Higher Self comes from our continued efforts over lifetimes to orient ourselves to Spirit, and the level of clarity in this connection determines to some extent, the power that we will access from our multidimensional self. From there, the light codes move through the Pineal center where they are further individualized through the lens of perception/cognition.

The pineal is a liquid crystal that lies dormant until we decide that it is time for our spiritual awakening. At the very least, it functions enough to support our capacity to survive in the 3-dimensional reality, and this minimum level of activation engages up to 5% of brain capacity. The pineal is the master of the DNA, the encoder of our body, and the DNA that is activated and the portion of our brain that is active are directly correlated. The Father thus encodes our body, and Truth is gatekeeper to the Father. When we decide to pursue spiritual awakening and are deeply aligned to embodying Truth, further pineal activation becomes possible. With further activation, the liquid light of the crystal enters into all the chambers of the brain, illuminating them to an increasing degree. These hitherto dormant portions of the brain hold the intelligence and awareness of our multi-dimensional nature.

The DNA codes from the pineal transfer to the medulla oblongata and merge with its electrical impulses that are distributed through the body via the nerves and endocrine gland activation. The pineal and the medulla oblongata are closely synchronized. The medulla is the center of Joy or Feeling. By feeling is not meant the emotional self, but rather another aspect of cognition. Feeling is becoming, and so an activated Medulla enables becoming Self in accordance with the coding that comes in through the Crown and pineal centers.

For those who are highly evolved and attuned to Spirit, the medulla oblongata also functions as the direct gateway to universal life force energy that can sustain and regenerate the organism. The electrical impulses from the medulla transfer to the Thyroid center, directly affecting the quality of the endocrine and hormones that encode the cells via the blood system. In effect, the spiritual forces that enter the head reach down into the body via the glands, which are themselves spiritual organs of cognition, and the hormones, which are spiritual schemata for our being. These codes enter into the cells, which are under the agency of the Mother. The cell is the first level of matter that holds our individuated self—it is wholly devoted to our being. The cell is the deepest level of matter touched by the Father Principle and is made up of building blocks under the agency of the Mother that are organized by the power of Love.

The Mother principle or ray comes from infinity below, as the material kingdom of form, as body…

(end of excerpt)


(excerpted from the Heaven on Earth module, which is part of the material in the upcoming Healer/Lightworker RHS)


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