The True Path of Abundance for the Eternal Self

The way forward in the spiritual creation represents a major paradigm shift that will require challenging adjustments. For one, the currency is the offering from the true self that is aligned with and inspired by Higher Will, and the return on investment is in sense of fulfilling Divine Will and supporting the highest good of All that carries blessings into eternity. The hallmark of being in abundance will be about living richly in abundant blessings from the Trinity–be it ideas, inspirations, comfort, wisdom, nurturance, power, vitality, true soul connections, and physical resources–that are shared freely and lavishly with others.

This program is aimed at four main things:

1- To align you with flows of divine abundance that is right for your soul, and open you to creating for the Eternal Self. We are not here to amass mortal treasure-we are here to expand creation from the true self that dwells in the Heart of the true Creator God.

2- Understanding and seeding patterns and impulses for the new paradigm of abundance in the spiritual creation. Some characteristics of the new abundance include power and impact to radiate blessings from Source, living richly in abundant blessings from the heavenly realm, continual inspiration toward bettering the creational realm, always being near to the comfort and love of God as Father, God as Mother, and God as Holy Spirit, and being in Christ consciousness that always creates for the eternal.

3- To clean up your miscreations through time that are causing depletion (outflows of resources or loss in any area), to the extent that your soul is able to take in the new paradigm of the spiritual creation and move into alignment as a force for the good of All (and so lessons learned…)

Many have fallen for the traps of the Law of Attraction material over the last five years or so, which turned out to be a greedy marketing monster. The net effect has been to strengthen lower astral desires in the unwary, and create burden to souls that fetter them strongly to the lower realms. And the wolves appear in sheep’s clothing in the alternative ‘healing’ industry.

4- To clear the many patterns of infiltration, body tampering, and misprogramming that has trapped almost everyone into a false ‘veneer’ of light. We will briefly cover the many ways in which humanity has been duped by the forces of chaos, through distortion programs in the Higher Self, the astral and etheric levels of the earth, through etheric frequencies and reprogramming in bodies to be receptive to these, etc. The focus will not be on the dark reasons for this or on all the details, but you will be assisted to integrate real solutions to break out into clarity and reality.

This will be an activation-packed two days. You do not have to be present in any way as it is remote. But some meditation at some time during the day is recommended.

Participants will receive material to work with–a manual and activation trigger statements and other energy tools, including the IMT-EHS. to deepen the integration and clear things that come up as greater clarity returns.

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