Transcending Grief through the Power of Angel Elixirs


2. Lungs as Wings of the Heart

As meridian pair (Lung/Large Intestine) that can impart greatest vitality and renewal, from sadness to gladness we must move, and we do that through living from the pure desires of the Heart that will make the Heart steady and expansive.

When Heart is hurt it constricts and presses out excess qi into lungs that feel burdened. Lungs react by trying to numb or harden (inflexible), or by embracing and letting go. Heart remains constricted and cramped so long as Lungs don’t let go…and Heart sets the stage for overall harmony with life. When Lungs interpret what must be let go as loss or death, then it cannot properly support the Heart. When it lives in surrendered trust to deeper divine wisdom guiding life, then it can breathe out the hurt so the Heart can unburden and expand in innocent perception that is the root of its power. Lungs can receive the pure qi from Heaven to support the higher eternal perspective needed to clear the Heart’s burdens. Through letting go in grace and devotion, wisdom is imparted. Lungs then ensoul the Heart in wisdom and are its wings that enable to Heart to transcend the pain of hurt.

The expansive eternal cosmic perspective of the Lungs encourages the Heart to sing its Song of pure desire. Image the two lungs as the wings of the Heart. Breathe deeply that you may live with greater presence.


Exercise 1

You can do this deep breathing in the bathtub or lying down (bath is better as you feel the movement of in- and out-breath, and will notice changes in buoyancy). Breathe deeply in and out while tuning into any old sadness that you are holding onto (look at regret, remorse, old hurts, old losses). Without processing mentally, just feel and breathe deeply in and out through the lungs, with the intention of bringing harmony and balance to your breathing, so that you reconnect with the cosmic rhythms of the great breath of life.

Intend to release all old sadness, that you may open to joyous possibilities that await your letting go. If of letting go with grace as a devotional prayer, in faith that all is well and you are guided on deep wisdom. As mentioned the wisdom guiding you awaits to reveal itself to you on your letting go. Life is a process of maturing in wisdom when we allow it to use us for highest evolution through surrendered trust. Let the tears flow as needed, while steadfastly letting go.

Use the angel elixir from the One who brings in Joyous possibilities through revealing the infinite potential that awaits the surrendered life. (A007), or the elixir from the One who supports Fluid Unfoldment in Grace (A006). Both elixirs have been extended to 7 mins.

Choosing surrender and living with graceWingedHeart

Angel of Joyous possibilities through revealing the infinite potential that awaits the surrendered life.




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