True Beauty Series (1), Regeneration, Erasing Pain of the Past, Smiling Heart Energy (d/l)

The True Beauty audios are explorations of your boundlessness and the exquisite miracle that you are, when you live beyond duality, polarity and all reference points. We may live in a state of perpetual self-regeneration through surrendered trust, wherein we allow the moment to arise unhindered by resistance and we meet it fully through reverent presencing.  When engaging life in this manner, we dwell in eternity and are renewed in each moment.

Explore and live the higher principles of true beauty and regeneration, and enjoy your journey of inner liberation!

Beauty is truth expressed in form.  False standards of beauty have ivaded our psyche for ages, and the result has been that we have lived tyrannical, distorted programs that have hindered our eternal essence from being revealed to us in life.

It is now time to reclaim your true Beauty. Beauty is the power of Nature in the body that accelerates it to ever higher harmonies of expression. As truth is a power of the mind, through which genius may arise, and love is a power of the heart through which a graceful and full life unfolds, so beauty is to the body. As beauty is embodied and lived, the ‘genius’ of the body as vehicle for higher consciousness and noble bearing will be experienced.

When the qualities of each faculty, i.e. truth in mind, love in heart, and beauty in body are lived (the 3 centers of Internal Alchemy), we open those faculties to the deeper dimensions in which our being resides, and increasingly we will know that we are not of this world, but rather in it for experience and delight in co-creation.  This world is not meant to be binding or imprisoning and nothing can have power over us when we become nurtured and ‘fed’ by deeper self that is our never-ending source of all sustenance.

When beauty is reclaimed and lived, there arises:

  • a radiating quality from inner fullness, that opens up the pathways to our higher dimensional bodies and brings higher reality into embodied experience
  • ebullience at the cellular level, such that our ability to be in a state of happiness is enhanced, and the cell is ‘fed’ by a higher level source rather than physical (which depletes it)
  • a dignity in being that is foundational to self-sovereignty
  • an acute faculty of discernment in the sense of smell, such that there is clear knowing about what is life-enhancing  and what is not
  • transparency in being ~ beauty is the undistorted emanation and self-recognition of our essence; as this is emphasized in us, we become conscious of the feeling state of being transparent to ourselves and to others. This feeds the never-ending sustenance from within.
  • full absorption of all nutrients–we become fully receptive of nature’s gifts, and give back to nature through the radiation and ebullience that emanates from us. We are then in perfect reciprocity with the realms of nature, such that what we take in is transformed and evolved through us.
You cannot be in symbiosis with nature without being in sync with this most fundamental quality of hers, and without it will end up depleted one way or another. When you are in beauty, you emanate fullness and ebullience from the cell level..and you are in reciprocity with nature and able to take all nutrients from Her…which is really from nature within you. As within so without, and as you become receptive to full absorption of natures gifts, so you restore nature to her pristine state in the outer world too.
So long as we live the distortions of external standards of beauty and manipulate for false love, power, or any kind of perceived benefit, we are in agenda and not ‘harmless’ to the natural world.  When true natural beauty is reclaimed (and everyone has it), we become harmonized inwardly, discerning, alkaline, organs heal, blood quickens, and we open to ‘beauty expressed’ at higher levels–that is, feeling qualities and moods of soul of higher refinement, and higher hormones in a body free of fear.

This set of audios takes you through understanding how the ‘gap’ of duality and drama is cause of aging. This ‘gap’ is sustained through resisting life, living in linear time with a sense of past (baggage and limitation) and future (anxiety and uncertainty). Negative emotions and resistance to life cause tension in the body, which is density. When we live beyond tension, resistance, duality, stories/identities, and all reference points, we move into a state of fluidic reshaping, wherein there is deep knowing and inevitability of unfolding life. In this state, the highest and most graceful potentials present themselves.

Releasing Toxicity and Closing the Gaps that sustain Illusion – Activating the Power of the Gut Center

This was the material for the first of twelve remote healing sessions during the Maximum Purification program.

dtrh4_arcttransmissions-2 mastering density

To do the meditation, print off the Wheel of Perpetual Self-Regeneration in the pdf (below), and the Labyrinth of Renewal wheel in the above pdf (Purification and Rejuv Meditation and Talk).  The first wheel will be placed at your back, behind the navel area, and you will be placing your left hand on the 2nd during the meditation.  To read about the “wheels”, and music “elixirs”, follow the links at the bottom of this page.

Body Healing through the Magenta, Violet, and Golden Light


Mastering Density Light Elixir, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys (

Dissolving the Past ~ Contemplations for Rejuvenation and Regeneration

We have accumulated density from memory and stories of separation based onwhat we are not…as we lived in the reflections of the mirrored reality that distorts and lies. We have identified ourselves based on self-reflection in the mirrors where we played life out from our self-suppression, and we can now let this all go. It is time now to engage with what is directly…with our being in vastness and boundlessness.

When the body becomes a fluid vessel into which you sing from the vastness of being all that is, nothing will appear static anymore. You will experience body as a fluid field of tonal luminosity into which you express from the endlessness of our being…never knowing yourself fully, and continually marveling at all that you discover yourself to be. This is how your fluid form is renewed and revitalized in each moment…and it requires that you approach the moment with a sense of not knowing and in the expectation of the miraculous.  A life of miracles awaits the one who disciplines the mind to mindlessness and the heart to hopeful expectations of life beyond what can be imagined.

This audio has several meditative exercises to release density, memory, and linear time from the body, revealing ageless beauty of the incorruptible body. The processes help  to dissolve the wear and tear of the effects of separation from the face and body, augmented through use of a power wheel, the Labyrinth of Renewal, which Almine received from ancient Lemurian records. Print the wheel (below) — used with the last contemplation in the audio.

This second audio is a brief journey through erasing past pain and reference points from face and body. It can be done often and is ever renewing and regenerating!

You may also want to do a deeper release with lymph clearing as well. The combination of lymph clearing followed by erasing the past is a powerful one. Read below.

This meditation is focused on clearing the lymph fluids. The lymph is the carrier of the soul’s plan, and it moves on the activity of muscles in the body. When the muscles carry us to along our highest potentials, then not only are we are in a state of self-sustenance and self-regeneration, but we also are in self-impelled and self-inspired evolution.

You may follow lymph clearing, with washing away the painful stories of the past (above audio). For your convenience, below is a version that has both audios strung together.

Beauty and Vitality in Body, Face and Being

Truth is to spirit, as love is to soul, and beauty is to body.  And when we align and evolve in any one of truth, love, or beauty, the other two also expand. Let us look at aspects of beauty in form.

Beauty comes from unhindered fluidity with life, wherein life ever new arises through our being. When we cling to yesterday, we are holding on to the dying…which causes inharmonies in body and life.

Think of the ‘beauty’ industry of plastic surgery and Botox, that tries to make beautiful through artificial means. Obsessiveness and all manner of distortions arise from this. Maturity is not valued and everything is upside down…A big source of self-judgment comes from our distorted relationship to the body, which is fostered by the external standards of beauty and perfection dictated by this false industry.  In self-judgment, we separate from ourselves and lose a sense of innocence….Every being is beautiful that reflects the expression of the One Life.

Aligning with principles of regeneration is so much more pleasurable and we will find it also getting more effective as the gap of cause and effect closing down.  Beauty is ever present as the luminosity that glows when in authentic expression. When the ‘real’ is allowed to shine through form, there is beauty. This true beauty has been hidden from most, but this is about to change as everything becomes exposed from the gaps closing.

Let us commit to settling into greater comfort in our bodies, self-acknowledging beauty of our being, from harmony within.   This meditation is about restoring beauty through appreciation, healing the body comes as incidental magic, from our acknowledgment of our power to renew body and reshape a life that is now of our choosing.

The meditation engages a mystical center in the Throat–the Black Moon Well– that has purifying waters that convey to all parts of the body our intent to shine forth the full glory of our being.  We spend time going into deeper brainwaves states, and from there, we tune into the beautiful organs of the body. All thrives when appreciated. And from the deeper brainwave states of oneness, we access the power of  instantaneous healing.

When the body is embraced as a beautiful vehicle to express a real environment, then we move to deeper states of harmonious interaction with life…we are then able to manifest life at a higher order of expression. deeper appreciation.  Practiced regularly, the meditation supports body and environment to move to higher harmonics and greater visible beauty.

Beauty is a gift to the Inner Child, because it is the visible expression of harmony. When life is harmonious to our intent, inner and outer merge as one…and in that place of magic is the presence of the Inner Child.

From the deeper brainwave states of oneness consciousness, instant healing and rearranging takes place.  And though you may not notice physical signs immediately (though you can), your entire being is stirred into new expression. So in the meditation, we spend 10 minutes getting to that deep place of oneness…and from that place, we move through the meridians, powers to manifest a higher life as the body morphs into a pristine vehicle to manifest infinite intent. Meridians and organs are directly reflected on our face…and when they are appreciated, over time the face will exhibit an ageless beauty…a luminous glow that causes us to emanate a quality of beauty that confers the peace of eternity…the comfort of truth. It is the ‘presence’ of beauty–a state and an activation.   This deeper, real beauty is activating to those who can behold it.

From the meditation….”Feel in you, a desire to express your beauty …a desire to radiate from and express your essence into the world. A desire to know yourself as a luminous miracle shaped by the ages to ever greater refinement—a beautiful instrument in the cosmic symphony of creation you are…. Awaken in you that pure desire to be in unhindered, full, authentic, and profound self-expression….in unabashed beauty…unselfconscious genius…and full glory.

Know that as you nurture this desire, your whole body will strive for beauty in form, vitality and strength, and you will reach higher harmony with your environment and with others . With harmonious interaction with your environment as your greater self, all conspires to support you to your greatness.

Here are some affirmations you may wish to meditate on, after the audio, or at night before bed. They are in pdf format too, so you can print it off.

  • I allow the joyous shaping of my ever-renewing form.
  • I delight in the miraculous expression of my being in form.
  • I have inspired enthusiasm for self-regeneration to divine perfection.
  • I am the victorious expression of incorruptibility.
  • I am strengthened in conviction of my most miraculous existence.
  • I marvel at the beauty arising within me.
  • The beauty I see without, is coming from me.
  • In praise, love, and gratitude, am I exalted—divinity arising within the full expression of my unique individuation.

Beauty of Ageless Regeneration Affirmations pdf

Smiling Heart Exercises

The smiling Heart energy is a cultivated practice of Chinese Internal Alchemy, which  causes the heart to become an incorruptible force of healing and powerful manifestation. Cultivating the smiling heart energy is a first step toward establishing self-sovereignty, graceful unfolding, and the magical life.  The audio has 3 exercises to engage the smiling heart energy, along with archangelic and angelic elixirs that work directly to activate the DNA.

Beauty Exercises and Angelic Elixirs

beauty flower



True Beauty Audio

sacral chakraThe audio meditation supports a profound experience that leads to understanding beauty in truth and claiming that power for yourself. The meditation begins with release of old programs around beauty and embracing higher truth.

When you are free of programs and become wholly transparent…living beyond mirrors of self-reflection and into pure spontaneous and unselfconscious self-expression, then the beauty emanating from you will be ever new, moment by moment. As beauty is truth expressed, and truth is the revelation of the moment…that which can only be revealed in this very moment of perfection…so too will beauty be ever changing in the one who is transparent and in surrender. Like a crystal in the ever changing light of Infinite intent….like a harp whose strings reverberate in harmonic resonance of ever changing Infinite intent, so your beauty is ever new…ever changing. This true beauty is seen as an ageless quality…a quality such that people rediscover you anew each time…such that you will feel ever new in each moment.  

The meditation leads you to engaging the alchemy of voice, smiling heart energy, and the creative power/silver mists of the sacral center to clear meridians and weave in higher impulses into every part of the body. It awakens potent gifts of the eternal self, and seeds powers of perpetual self-regeneration.

Be in love, praise, and gratitude for all the support you are receiving through this audio, through which great powers work.


Tones of Purity

Purity in being is the basis of beauty that radiates from within. This audio brings in some of the tones of purity that are part of living as ‘pristine man’, in full dignity, grace, and self-sovereignty. The Tones of Purity are the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, (

Audio: Gateway to the Magical Life ~ Love, Appreciate the Body

This meditative audio by Almine(1)  supports us to see the innocence of our physical expression. 

From the introduction:

You are physical, and you are not. For, all things you are, in your unique expression. Feel the innocence of your body. Does it feel unfit? Or, ill? Or, in dis-ease? It is because, you have rejected certain parts of it. When there is full love and gratitude and praise, for the unique and marvelous way, in which it functions; the incredible amount of blood that the heart pumps each day; the unique neurological impulses that move through the miles of nerves, located throughout the body; how the breath that you breathe, has been breathed several times before, by others; how the cells renew themselves, every seven years. Aging only occurs, when these processes are unappreciated, for truly, you are indeed marvelously created.

Allow  yourself now, to think of your body with appreciation, for most think of their bodies, as in, “I will like it, when I have stopped smoking… when I have lost 20 pounds… when I am more athletically fit… when I can reverse my grey hair, or my aging.” No. Accept it for the marvel it is, right now. The more love, and praise, and gratitude, you give to your body, the more trust you give to the way you are unfolding in your life, the more it will flourish.

In innocence, are you exploring your own being. Your reality isn’t shared by another living being, other than the Infinite. Your very life is standing on holy ground. Release now, any feelings of success, or failure. Allow yourself to play, upon the playground of your reality, the way a child plays, without any conception of right or wrong. Only when parents program these in, do belief systems start to capture your child’s mind, body, and soul.” (4)



To better understand the vibrational tools: wheels, angel elixirs, light elixirs, trigger affirmations and activation quality of audios, visit this page (you will get a bonus angelic elixir and exercise!)

(1) Gateway to a Magical Life, online course 2013, Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,


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