True Beauty Series, Regeneration, Erasing Pain of the Past, Smiling Heart Energy

The True Beauty Series programs are explorations of your boundlessness and the exquisite miracle that you are, when you live beyond duality, polarity and all reference points. We may live in a state of perpetual self-regeneration through surrendered trust, wherein we allow the moment to arise unhindered by resistance and we meet it fully through reverent presencing.  When engaging life in this manner, we dwell in eternity and are renewed in each moment.

Explore and live the higher principles of true beauty and regeneration, and enjoy your journey to inner liberation!

Beauty is truth expressed in form.  False standards of beauty have been running our psyche for ages, and the result has been that we have lived tyrannical, distorted programs that have hindered our eternal essence from being revealed to us in life.

It is now time to reclaim true Beauty, in all Her Expressions. Beauty is the power of Nature in the body that accelerates it to ever higher harmonies of expression. As truth is a power of the mind, through which genius may arise, and love is a power of the heart through which a graceful and full life unfolds, so beauty is to the body. As beauty is embodied and lived, the ‘genius’ of the body as vehicle for higher consciousness and noble bearing will be experience.

When the qualities of each faculty, i.e. truth in mind, love in heart, and beauty in body are lived, we open those faculties to the deeper dimensions in which our being resides, and increasingly we will know that we are not of this world, but rather in it for experience and delight in co-creation.  In other words, this world is not meant to be binding or imprisoning in any way, and NOTHING can have power over us, when we become nurtured of ‘fed’ by deeper self that is our never-ending source of all sustenance.

When beauty is reclaimed and lived, there arises:

  • a radiating quality from inner fullness, that opens up the pathways to our higher dimensional bodies and brings higher reality into embodied experience
  • ebullience at the cellular level, such that our ability to be in a state of happiness is enhanced, and the cell is ‘fed’ by a higher level source rather than physical (which depletes it)
  • dignity in being that is foundational to self-sovereignty
  • an acute faculty of discernment in the sense of smell, such that there is clear knowing about what is life-enhancing  and what is not
  • transparency in being ~ beauty is the undistorted emanation and self-recognition of our essence; as this is emphasized in us, we become conscious of the feeling state of being transparent to ourselves and to others. This feeds the never-ending sustenance from within.
  • full absorption of all nutrients–we become fully receptive of nature’s gifts, and give back to nature through the radiation and ebullience that emanates from us. We are then in perfect reciprocity with the realms of nature, such that what we take in is transformed and evolved through us.

You cannot be in symbiosis with nature without being in sync with this most fundamental quality of hers, and without it will end up depleted one way or another. When you are in beauty, you emanate fullness and ebullience from the cell level..and you are in reciprocity with nature and able to take all nutrients from Her…which is really from nature within you. As within so without, and as you become receptive to full absorption of natures gifts, so you restore nature to her pristine state in the outer world too.

So long as we live the distortions of external standards of beauty and manipulate for false love, power, or any kind of perceived benefit, we are in agenda and not ‘harmless’ to the natural world.  When true natural beauty is reclaimed (and everyone has it), we youthen, become harmonized inwardly, discerning, alkaline, organs heal, blood quickens, and we open to ‘beauty expressed’ at higher levels–that is, feeling qualities moods of soul of higher refinement, higher hormones …and on that foundation, we build up the other nutrients, which also happen on full self-expression. So level 2 will be about these deeper teachings, and then all the dietetic stuff will have a rich soil to land in.  The FA is ‘food’ at a higher level, as are the angelic elixirs…when all lines up, the light fibers in light bodies that hold all potential move unhindered into all lower levels…and life explodes in all ways.

So you see that beauty is a much ‘bigger’ theme than meets the eye, and hence there are levels of understanding toward full embodiment.

The first series of audios takes you through understanding how the ‘gap’ of duality and drama is cause of aging. This ‘gap’ is sustained through resisting life, living in linear time with a sense of past (baggage and limitation) and future (anxiety and uncertainty). Negative emotions and resistance to life cause tension in the body, which is density. When we live beyond tension, resistance, duality, stories/identities, and all reference points, we move into a state of fluidic reshaping, wherein there is deep knowing and inevitability of unfolding life. In this state, the highest and most graceful potentials present themselves.

Another important product to learn about the gap, how to close it and release and transcend the past is Releasing Tension and Density from the Joints. (You may purchase it at a $20 discount for buying this product–email me for this special offer).


dtrh4_arcttransmissions-2 mastering density

Releasing Toxicity and Closing the Gaps that sustain Illusion – Activating the Power of the Gut Center

This was the material for the first of twelve remote healing sessions during the Maximum Purification program. Includes a short talk (20 min) on purification and rejuvenation through releasing density, and an audio meditation to release density in the Gut center and begin a process of regeneration. Includes power wheels and elixirs (by the great mystic and seer, Almine), to enhance the process.

Contemplations for Regeneration and Boundlessness

The first audio contain a series of potent meditative exercises that lead you to release memory and past stories, which is necessary for regeneration and rejuvenation. When you believe in your stories, you dwell outside of the present moment of timelessness, wherein lies the Fountain of Youth–the eternal luminous One Life that is continual renewal…profound dissolution of the last moment and birth of the new.  The process helps  to dissolve the wear and tear of the effects of separation from the face and body through use of a power wheel, the Labyrinth of Renewal, which Almine received from ancient Lemurian records.

This second audio is a brief journey (14:30) through erasing past pain and reference points from face and body. It can be done often and is ever renewing and regenerating!

The third meditation is focused on clearing the lymph fluids. The lymph is the carrier of the soul’s plan, and it moves on the activity of muscles in the body. When the muscles carry us to along our highest potentials, then not only are we are in a state of self-sustenance and self-regeneration, but we also are in self-impelled and self-inspired evolution.

The combination of lymph clearing followed by erasing the past is a powerful one!

Smiling Heart Exercises

The smiling Heart energy is a vibrational band of frequency around the Core Frequency Heart pattern that makes the core heart an incorruptible force of healing and powerful manifestation. A manifestation program and one to cultivate full power of the heart field will be forthcoming in 2014. Cultivating the smiling heart energy is a first step toward establishing self-sovereignty, graceful unfolding, and the magical life!  Audio has 3 exercises to engaging the smiling heart energy, along with archangelic and angelic elixirs to clear and evolve the extraordinary meridians, which flow in new cause on the heart’s smiling energy, and the “Ray of wonderment” that is merging into these ‘curious’ pathways (known as the strangeflows or ‘curious vessels’).

Beauty Exercises and Archangelic Elixirs

beauty flower

  • This includes a pdf of exercises, and series of archangelic elixirs from Archangels that activate chambers of the DNA with specific gifts to awaken a sense of true inner beauty and grace, and an audio meditation to active the smiling energy of the heart to bring beauty and self-appreciation.



True Beauty Audio

sacral chakraThe audio meditation supports a profound experience that leads to understanding beauty in truth and claiming that power for yourself. The meditation begins with release of old programs around beauty and embracing higher truth.

When you are free of programs and become wholly transparent…living beyond mirrors of self-reflection and into pure spontaneous and unselfconscious self-expression, then the beauty emanating from you will be ever new, moment by moment. As beauty is truth expressed, and truth is the revelation of the moment…that which can only be revealed in this very moment of perfection…so too will beauty be ever changing in the one who is transparent and in surrender. Like a crystal in the ever changing light of Infinite intent….like a harp whose strings reverberate in harmonic resonance of ever changing Infinite intent, so your beauty is ever new…ever changing. This true beauty is seen as an ageless quality…a quality such that people rediscover you anew each time…such that you will feel ever new in each moment.  

The meditation leads you to engaging the alchemy of voice, smiling heart energy, and the creative power/silver mists of the sacral center to clear meridians and weave in higher impulses into every part of the body. It awakens potent gifts of the eternal self, and seeds powers of perpetual self-regeneration.

Tones of Purity

Purity in being is the basis of beauty that radiates from within. This audio brings in the tones of purity that are part of living as ‘pristine man’, in full dignity, grace, and self-sovereignty.


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