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With great excitement, we present to you the teachings that hold the secret of becoming a co-creator of your reality. These teachings hold the key to establishing peace on earth in your own life, and eventually impacting on potentials for all life. They are the keys to manifesting beyond the law of compensation, and hence, to manifesting peace on earth.

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The Inner Family: Power to co-create with Source

The program works on the Inner Family of Eight Powers of the Psyche, starts with the 3 dantien centers and brainwave states, to achieve alignment to the observer self that is ‘in this world but not of it’. It then brings in the teachings and original work of the great mystic Almine on the Inner Family (sub-personalities of the Directions) (LLC Spiritual Journeys,  While many psychological systems contain part of the equation (they know of four, though only in certain aspects too), it is only in the full eight sub-personalities that we can find our wholeness and leave the mirrors of illusion.

The four that we see in many systems are the ones that operate on the’ vertical’ axis of ‘form’, and are the masculine sub-personalities. We see these four reflected in Energy Medicine as modes of interpreting reality, in many character typing systems (like Dressing Your Truth),   healing methods like the Sedona Method, and Vertical Awaring (TM)–a process of living from inner harmony that I introduced in 2012.  The additional four that have been dormant up to now are the four feminine sub-personalitites that will bring to expression in us, the True Divine Feminine.  Without these additional four, you will always be operating in the mirrors of illusion and under the law of compensation and karma.

I refer to these teachings as the holy grail, because in them we find the keys to coming home the manifesting heaven on earth through becoming our own source of inspiration and sustenance. There is no area of life that is not touched by the full expression of the inner family of these eight powers of the psyche. When the full Inner Family parts are active powers of expression, you become a self-sustaining, self-regenerating dynamo such that nothing is external to you and all is to be found within.

The amazing thing is that these inner powers of the psyche cooperate directly with the eight extraordinary meridians–meridians of first cause…flows of Source that bring to us: all power, all knowing, all resources, and all resourcefulness from the endlessness of DNA capacity.

We have gotten life backwards, in mirrors of illusion. Life is not about acquiring things, rather it is about expressing on all levels. And as giving on one level is receiving on another, all the things of life show up as side-effects of your authentic expression as first cause.

We have completed 2 live 12-week programs on the Inner Family in the course of 2016, and we will be offering it again near the end of 2017. Don’t miss it!

But you can plunge into another part of the magic RIGHT NOW…ANYTIME, as we are offering another big piece of the puzzle…….Read more….

Liberating Your Radiant Power: Unleashing the 12 Miraculous, Co-Creative Powers of the Body

The expressive inner family bridges the inner reality with outer life, and it is through the meridian system that this happens. The 12 ordinary meridians are the ‘rivers of our life’…through which we may manifest the dreams of our heart. When in distorted emotions, instead of our dreams we manifest the illusions of the collective.  This program pierces through the illusion of negative emotions, to uncover 48 gems of evolved co-creative power, which enables us to be the living bridge between the ‘flows of Source’ or causal powers (8 extraordinary meridians) and manifest a life of divine will through the 12 ordinary meridians.

The source of all abundance flows as the 8 extraordinary meridians into the 12 ordinary meridians, where it becomes our expressed life. Everything that we manifest must ‘incubate’ or form within the dynamic interaction of the 12 ordinary meridians. To manifest outside the law of compensation happens when you become your own source of sustenance, i.e. when the 8 extraordinary meridians source all that you manifest through the 12 ordinary meridians that are free of distorted emotions.

Explore the program here: Liberating Your Radiant Power. You can join at any time, as the program will spiral over and again through 2017 and beyond!


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