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The Inner Mastery website is being simplified for ease of navigation. For now, you may access the old home page on this link. Many new announcements for upcoming programs, including Rune Mastery Training and Initiation! Stay tuned….


My work is dedicated to a life of no opposites, in the self-sovereign poise of all-sufficiency and in full unique expression– the state of perpetual self-regeneration.

Start Date: February 1st 2015 ~ 6-week Intensive, runs to March 15 2015

Miraculous Life Feb

The program has been so transformative for many, that we will be offering it a second time in Febrary/March 2015.  Following this, we will move into Foundation Part 2, in preparation for the program on the Miraculous Body, where we learn to manifest through the purified body where all operates as a unified field. If you missed the program the first time, you may want to join this one, as we will be moving forward to embody a profoundly new reality. Click here for details


New Academy of Fragrance Alchemy website coming soon…

I am launching a new website, dedicated to Fragrance Alchemy and the many processes that it supports to accelerate the leap into a new reality of integrated expression of oneness and individuation, beyond all opposition. Expected launch date is early 2015, though you can visit it now and explore the many blog posts and first product on the 8 Extraordinary Meridians! Sign up to the mailing list to get information on specials that will be offered in the first few weeks of the launch!  Here is the link: You are invited to explore the FA material on this website, and you can order all products by sending me an email. For ‘a la carte‘ purchases of FA oils, use this link:

Fragrance Alchemy

Children’s Program! Starts March 1st 2015…

This program is filled with powerful tools and support to establish your child in a field of blessings and grace, over an initial 2-month period.  Sign up before start date, as there is a lot of material to explore as parent, to fully support the work that will be done for your child, starting March 1st. Click here for details, and to sign up.  You can still sign up after the start date, as we work individually with your child. But starting from day 1 is always best! planting seeds 9 (1)

Yogas of Enlightenment…

Saradesi-Satva-Yoga-v3The four Yogas of Enlightenment that have been brought forth by the great mystic and seer, Almine, are now being released as full audio and video programs! These are the yogas for our time, that enable the body to evolve beyond the old cycles of life, death and ascension, to the resurrected state.

Shrihat Satva yoga (I AM Lucid Dreamer)  is now available.  The yoga helps to clear the trauma of ages past, so that the meridian system can purify and accelerated body evolution can take place.  We are awakening new powers of manifestation in body, that have been lost through separation of  the soul/emotional/dream body from the physical. Visit the I AM Yogas page for details.

Next, for release in Nov/Dec 2014, is Saradesi Satva yoga, I AM the Fountain of Youth. Many are seeking false methods of rejuvenation, when in truth the power to self-regenerate is within. This is a very amazing yoga that takes you to deep places beyond the cognitive mind! Training in the four yogas will be avaialble for yoga teachers and serious students, as live intensive programs during 2015. The first live intensive is tentatively planned for March 2015. Date and location to be determined still. Read about the amazing yogas and listen to short audios on each, on this page. These yogas clear the four lower bodies (physical, emotional, lower mental, and higher mental), to prepare us to move to a higher state of resurrection in the incorruptible body. It is time to live a graceful and magical life of no opposites, beyond duality and hardship.  Be among the first yoga instructors to bring out these tools in very powerful ways! It is highly recommended that you take the Foundation to the Miraculous Life Programs if you plan to teach these yogas, as training assumes familiarity with the vast body of work by mystic and seer, Almine.

As a student of the great Seer Almine, I can whole-heartedly say that my respect for Anita’s work is not to be taken lightly. She is the only other teacher I am aware who consistently demonstrates the same level of clarity, potency and integrity in all that she does. Anita does the seemingly impossible in walking the indefinable line between the cutting edge of high spirituality and impeccable humanity. She is a remarkable demonstration of complete transparency of being, and has assisted me personally more than I can say.One of the most impressive things about Anita’s work is her consistent willingness to openly state that something previous has been incorrect or containing blindspots and to fluidly change tack on all that has gone before. She is continuously incorporating through her work more and more of what is revealed through exponentially expanding vision. She is an incredible example of exactly what can be achieved when the principles that she teaches are actually lived.Anita has a particular skill when it comes to the in-depth almost scientific analysis of deeply metaphysical concepts pertaining to the functioning of the body at higher levels – I see her almost as a “spiritual technician”. She exhibits unparalleled awareness of the intricately subtle nuances of how the body functions to express reality, and I trust her above all others in spotting discrepancies between what we think we have known and what is the actual truth.I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Anita and literally everything she has produced not just to my loved ones but to my own clients, who I frequently refer to Anita’s website. I am grateful beyond words for the invaluable role that she has played in my journey so far and delightfully anticipate what she might do next, which is sure to be even more spectacular.– Ciara, Ireland

full DNA Rose colorTake steps toward profound awakening though the DNA Activation program–a self-paced, 6-session remote activation program conducted over 10-12 weeks. To explore, click on this link: DNA repair, clearing, and activation program.

“I never anticipated the changes I’ve experienced through this program! I feel like I walked through a portal into a new reality and there’s no turning back!” GM, BC

“Anita is so attentive and awesome in her support! Beyond words” JH, NY

“These audios are like gold to me!” PD, Canada

“Your work is powerful; in spite of years of yoga, teaching, and meditating, I’ve never experienced such a profound quickening and brightening. Thank you for all hat you do.”  J, USA

“I just keep shaking my head…this is SO MUCH MORE than I ever imagined!!! WM, USA


Explore from the many audio programs offered, from easily accessible to more esoteric. Choose from many offerings, listed below, and  more to come! If you are not sure what is best for you, feel free to email me at

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Also explore the powerful Fragrance Alchemy to dissolve emotional debris and memory, and move beyond all imprints of the story of separation. When we bring resolution and harmony to all the old, we then transcend beyond, into the new reality of fluid reforming in the ever newness of the moment unfolding!

Beyond description, this modality defies the mind. Feel the old program and memories dissolving from meridians, organs, skin, and cells. Mystic and seer Almine never ceases to amaze in what she brings to us!

Stay tuned for a grand opening of the new website, The Academy of Fragrance Alchemy! (Tentatively planned for Dec 2014, in time for Christmas specials!)

Self-Study Programs as Foundation to Live Remote Healing Programs!

Remote Healing Program ~ Stilling the Mind ~ Ending Linear Time

galaxy_mind (1)Although the program completed in July, you may now join as a self-study program, recommended over a 4-6 week period. It is a most profound program that will cause shifts at all levels. Focus is on dissolving programs and beliefs that keep the mind in noisy thoughts, which is cause of linear time and the illusion of separation. Separation is an old dream that must now be transcended, as it is no longer viable. The noisy mind is cause of energy leakage, and thus of aging and illness. With noise in mind, you operate in the false illusion and cannot hear inner guidance. Stilling the mind and clearing the tension of linear time caused by resisting life is a foundational step in awakening inner mastery.This program goes beyond, and brings in profound understandings of what is possible in mastering the world of form. It lays the foundation for a next program in November, which leads to complete transcendence beyond duality and begins the process of tremendous body evolution (read about it below).All support for ending mind control and establishing in self-sovereignty is here and now, and this program gives you the tools to establish self-sovereign being, and live in poised dignity and deep peace of knowing the Self to be the source of your sustenance. To those who establish this, new levels of vitality will flow.Read about the program by clicking here, and email me to access the self-study program. NEXT LIVE REMOTE PROGRAM starts in November 2014 (see below)

Maximum Purification The powerful Maximum Purification  program will soon be available as a self-study program . The 12 main clearing ‘sessions’  clear and dissolve illusion/density. They are profound, and come with pdfs and audio so that you can redo them to deepen the effects. This prepares us to awaken the Miraculous Body, a new program that will be offered in 2014. Email if you wish to be the first to know when the program is available.       FA + sigilThe Fragrance Alchemy exploration continues, and the discoveries are nothing short of amazing.  We hope to be able to demonstrate the effect via Kerlian photography, lab reports, and other methods, but meanwhile, we invite you to experience thee exquisite and potent oils. Explore…

  • The 12-ordinary meridian kit clearing of the emotional body, and opening of the Gates of Abundance…
  • The 8- extraordinary meridian kit clearing of the causal body, to transcend all polarity and live a life of no opposites. A unfied meridian system is basis for higher body functioning and secretion of the god hormones of perpetual self-regeneration.
  • The Chakra set, which will be explored as a live program in September. This establishes the chakras as centers of communication with all seven level of existence (natural world, hidden etheric realms, realm of healing, mysticism (outer and inner become one), metaphysics (macrocosm and microcosmic body become one…above and below become reflections of one another), our divinity, and the River of Life that is ever new and regenerative.
  • The Children kit–to support a field of grace and harmony in and around them.
  • Series of teleseminars are underway. One completed in June and another will be offered in November. Meanwhile, you can access the recordings via the audio products. Email me if you need help finding things!

The Fragrance Alchemy pages are loaded with information, and a new website is underway as there is so much more to come with this powerful healing modality.  For those who love working with essential oils, this is beyond aromatherapy!  For those who do EFT or acupuncture, these oils will catapult your work to new levels of potency.  Contact me directly for details about training.

***2015 Practitioner Training***

  • Practitioner training in the Enhanced Healing Tool
  • Practitioner training in Belvaspata, angelic Healing of the Heart and Krihanash Belvaspata, angelic Healing of the Soul
  • Training in Fragrance Alchemy and Emotional Ascension Technology

Use the links on the sidebar menu to explore!


Join evolutionary programs during 2014-15!

Learn to release density to move into a higher order of being. Tension = density = linear time = gap between cause and effect = illusion Release the tension and density, and you move into timelessness or exponential time. Where gap between cause and effect narrows, there will you find the magical life! The body is a symphony of the creative Word, and every joint, muscle, organ, system, bone, and gland sings a pristine tone in harmony to create the Song of the Self. When you intone your pure Song into Creation, the entire universe conspires to fulfill your dreams. Coming soon ~ Yoga of Enlightenment Programs kundalini_energyFrom the angelic realms and received from the great mystic Almine, these yogas clear and evolve the four lower bodies of man. Working with them will

  • Open up the Gates of Abundance in the body ~ clearing the meridian and life force system in the body
  • Awaken the true Feminine (dream body), and merge Feminine and Masculine in the Divine Marriage in spine and pranic tube ~ clearing the emotional body…becoming the lucid dreamer of life
  • Establish pathways of self-rejuvenation and perpetual self-regeneration
  • Transcend all levels of spirit, soul, and body by dissolving all stories of the past cosmic cycles ~ awakening to the eternal self

Join practitioner training programs with me–whether you have a healing practice or want to plunge more deeply into self-healing and healing of loved ones. To find out more, click on “Practitioner Training with Anita“, on the left hand column of this page.   Read testimonials from participants of recent programs here.

Through years of esoteric studies, spiritual investigation, and working as a healer, Anita has delved deeply into the many layers of our being and the adverse influences that we face at this time on the planet. She offers practitioner training, and transformational programs to accelerate spiritual awakening through practical methods. If you need help choosing how to start, email at, and a starter package will be put together to best suit.

“I don’t know where I would be today without you. Thank you for your healing and dedication to me and my family.”J.PL, NB

“Everyone should know about these remote healing programs. They are so important for our evolution, and the depth and clarity that you impart in your writing is remarkable!”Sue C, USA

“I am speechless with what you wrote in session notes. I feel so blessed to have discovered you one night just by listening to my guides. It would be an honor to work with you in person.” PD, Canada

You have no idea how you have changed my life in that one phone session! I’ve carried this stuff around for years and it’s gone in 2 hours! Lindsay W. USA ” These few sessions have been life changing. Not only have I learned so much, but I also feel removed from all the old stuff. Thanks just isn’t enough.” MC, USA * * * * * * * *



Almine in white

I am very grateful to the incomparable mystic and teacher, Almine, for her work and generosity in sharing. Please visit her website and explore the many free products that she offers,  


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