Activating the Chakras to their Higher Powers to Manifest New Life ~ Remote Activation Program

We are in a whole new reality–the feminine cosmos–where life is vastly different, in fact, all is inverted.  Manifestation is completely the inverse of what it was, and Law of Attraction now must give way to a much deeper way of manifesting that is a side-effect of wholesome living.  The old ways will simply backfire now as they have become obsolete and harmful.

In support of attuning to this new reality, we have created a 10-week Chakra Activation program. The program is self-study, and offered on the Whole Being Flourishing platform, and is a collaboration between myself (Anita) and healer Jodie Carter. To read about our monthly program and see client testimonials, go to this post.

Program can be done at any time.

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New Functions of the 7 Main Chakras

This new series of remote sessions runs for 10 sessions, and is focused on establishing the higher function of the chakras in support of manifesting a flourishing life through deep attunement to the potentials arising. In the new feminine reality, all attention and focus is on the expression of the true potential self through which life ever new may flow forth. This causes our reality to become a fluidly expanding space of expression.

The chakras are ‘lenses’ onto vast fields of existence that emerged over eons in the dream of separation–the reality we are now leaving behind.  In the new reality we are in, evolution is not over eons as we have moved out of linear time and the shifts can be quick and in some cases, instantaneous.  We are moving into the reality of integrated oneness, where we are to experience life as endless blessings rather then the lessons we have been accustomed to. So the sooner that we acclimate to the new, the sooner will we experience the graceful unfolding that is now possible.

From the Reality of Separation to the Reality of Integrated Oneness

In the former reality of separation, the masculine as pro-active force was emphasized. In that reality we were ruled by mind that thinks it knows–by reason, logic, accessed/past wisdom–which created linear time, fixed belief systems, and static boundaries of life.  When we wanted to manifest something, we clarified it in mind, outlined the steps to get there, and dove in with passion and gratitude along the way. We kept the goals clearly in mind and fed them with emotions matching the goals fulfilled.  This is no longer a viable method with which to manifest, as we now operate from the feminine vastness where mind is no longer in the lead. In the feminine reality, decentralized, cellular mind is active, and it is attuned to Infinite Intent to such a degree that the Infinite moves our reality, causing actions to be automatic and inevitable. In this new reality, what we aim for through planning will most surely not turn out as we may hope.

The focus in the reality of separation was on externals mostly, and we expressed from a separated self that sought to carve out a life in a collective reality. In the new reality, we are to know ourselves as the source of everything, focus is on devotional living to our highest potential, and we express from our true potential self that arises from the vast eternal boundless self that is indivisible from the Source of our Existence.  Our potential self–felt through inspiration from within– is the self expressed into the evolutionary moment…it arises from our vaster self yet carries our uniqueness as individuation.

In the masculine separated reality, we manifested into a reality already formed, which was created by the collective. In the feminine reality, as we manifest from potential arising, a new, fluid reality takes shape to receive the newness we bring forth. We truly do create our own slice of infinite life now.

But we are not to leave the old reality behind, rather are we to assimilate its gifts into this bigger power of the self as our own source of sustenance and guidance. We are not going to over-polarize in the feminine, but are going to incorporate the gems of the past into the present, to live a fluid life of powerful manifestation from the deeper part of us that is not bound by external needs.   Each of the chakras has a special function in the alchemy of manifesting a self-sovereign life from full inspired expression.  They operate very differently in the new reality, and cultivating their powers is essential in moving into the new potentials with grace.

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To sign up, please click on the link: Activating the Chakras to their higher functioning  (you will be redirected to the

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