Liberating Your Radiant Power To Manifest in Limitlessness ~ Starts Next Week, May 16th

St phoebe imageWe are soon to start the program to liberate the body to its power to manifest beyond the law of compensation! If you are looking for radical aliveness and a complete overhaul on all levels, this could be for you!

This will be a program like none other, completely experiential, where participants will cultivate 12 distinct powers in ‘inner space’ and experience their potency in outer reality in wonderful ways!

Starts next week!

We begin by unraveling the ‘spell’ of negative emotions that are not real in the way we have imagined them to be. Once the spell is broken, they lose their grip and dissolve from the 12 ordinary meridians that flow life force through the body.

But to effectively dissolve the old, there must be new. We will activate higher capacities unique to each meridian, which will cause them to draw power from the inexhaustible reservoirs of inner space.

Inner space holds 9/10th of our power to manifest, and it has been largely untapped until now. When operating from the vast reservoirs of Source on inner space, we will eventually experience liberation from limitation.

Each week there is a webinar, to discover one of 12 exquisite powers to manifest a new reality of vibrant health, joy, passion, and fuller self-expression beyond what we have known or thought possible. Through the week, we live from that emerging, evolving power, using simple yet powerful alchemical tools to leverage results, and participants are held in an entrainment field of highly refined energies. This impacts on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The program will catalyze the body to higher functioning so that meridians and organs becomes generators of excess resources on all levels, rather than depletors, and the body will then run from its full intelligence–healing, regenerating, youthening, and evolving– as you manifest a life from whole-being engagement.

For more details on this total game-changer program, click the link:

With Wonderment and Excitement to Share these Tools of Liberation!


northern lights bird

Light Art for the Stomach meridian (first image), by Phoebe Surana


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