Monthly Healing Support Programs! Remembering your Way to Wholeness

Anita Briggs


Join our  monthly healing support, with Anita and colleague Jodie Carter. Jodie is a gifted healer and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to work with her through this initiative!

As participant, you will be included in a healing session each week, and in daily maintenance–held in an entrainment field of clearing and activation power that will bring more graceful unfolding into your life. Sessions include Belvaspata, an angelic healing modality, and other alchemical activation processes, brought forth by the great mystic and seer Almine (

You can join for a month, or as a recurring monthly process. When you sign up, you can then send us an email to give us some background on what you wish us to focus on. While the program will go through clearing layers of distortion on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), we can also focus on specific areas as prompted by participants.

Each session comes with a download page explaining the context and focus for the upcoming session. You receive an audio or video meditation and a Rune (1) spread or integration to support and deepen what what was done.

You can also sign up loved ones, provided you have their permission. They do not have to interact with us, but we do require that they be willing to receive the transmissions.

One Month Only Option is $125 USD ~ Includes four healing sessions, daily support, and weekly emails with support tools.

Recurring monthly is $99 USD monthly ~ With the continued support, you will notice shifts in time: less density, pain, struggle, stress…more peace, grace, optimism, ease in moving forward, and vitality.

To sign up, please visit the dedicated website Whole Being Flourishing, at this link.

(1) The Runes of the Infinite Mother comprise a system of guidance and accelerated body evolution to support healing as remembering wholeness. The Runes activate powers of perception that bridge to inner sense in inner space–the reality of the feminine that we have moved into presently.  To explore the Runes, please visit

I offer training in the Runes for personal or professional use. There are two levels of initiation to Mastery and Grand Mastery Level. Email me for details (


Testimonials from recent participants…

Loving these BVP sessions! So glad you’re offering this! Last night’s session was a drastic change in me.. I’ve never seen such a clear, sharp change like this after a session. My mind seems to be more tame.. now it feels more effortless. It’s a big difference… now there’s something in me that just automatically shuts the mental noise down right from the get go and nips it in the bud… I feel more present and timeless. Truly amazing and so grateful for this!!” Trace C, Ontario


I am in awe to notice the changes happening before my eyes. My old stories and issues are melting away, some of them are no longer an issue, it is like seeing with new lenses. It is true that sometimes I slide down, but I find in myself the resources and strength to climb up and I don’t stay in the hole for as long as I use to. I would like to sign up for another month and don’t want to miss any!  Maria A. NB


This is beautiful! Just amazing. It has been such a powerful and supported month of healing. I have had so much flush up and I hope that more illusion will continue to clear. These BVP sessions have been invaluable over the last few weeks and the support material has perfectly complemented each session. Miraculous support!! Em L, USA


The BVP sessions have been phenomenal. I feel density dissolving, fluidity being restored, eons of old programs being erased. All is in perfection. (And I love the behind the scenes session notes for each session.) Thank you for being fearless guides into the new reality of High Magic. Yvonne D, USA

“Dear Anita & Jodie – the sessions that you bring to us each week are truly an exquisite gift. I thoroughly enjoy the combined commitment and devotion to the preparations we are given as well as the follow up session notes on what has transpired. Through these sessions, a new awareness hovers, of all life experiences, in my work, in my relationships, in my bigger picture musings. So, while there may be drama here and there, I am less triggered and mostly unaffected… the drama resolves and is no longer or better yet, it never really was. “All is in perfection” is my new mantra and it is a state of being rather than an intellectual understanding. Since joining you, I am at once deeply contented, sweetly uplifted, and flowing gracefully with life. With deepest appreciation and love for what you bring to humanity. Love Caroline M, NB Canada


Just a note, as my experiences with your sessions and the mp3 meditations in the resources are ‘beyond words’ as the expression so aptly puts it. On Sunday we integrated the Runes, listened to the angels of DNA music and then the mighty lymph clearing meditation. Just what I needed for my personal issues. I went to sleep afterwards…the following night I had a much deeper experience this time than ever before. And again, afterwards went to sleep and completely ‘disappeared’ til morning. This is tremendously healing for me. I am so very grateful for you both and our group healing cauldron.  With love, Barbara, France


“In the course of the last three programs I have taken back to back with Anita, my life has changed completely. A lifelong struggle with hormonal imbalance was completely cured, all peri-menopausal symptoms were completely healed and I am no longer insane once a month for the first time since puberty—my mood is stable and my baseline is dramatically more peaceful then in the past. For me the work itself feels subtle but is incredibly deep….

In this BVP program, I made a huge evolutionary step forward, where suddenly my dreams are being made manifest. I have always been an idea factory, but the ideas stayed stuck inside—I was unable to make the transition into the physical world. I am now starting my dream business with a dear friend. And when I say dream business—something fantastical that I used to plan in the way you might dream of going to Mars, but you know you will never really do it. I’m really doing it—and its supported and viable. This is a labor of love and something I would want to do even when I have five million dollars. I’ve extremely excited and enthusiastic (not the old norm for me) and extraordinarily creative. I can also see how many things in the past, not all pleasant, were the perfect preparation for what I’m doing now—a great cosmic web of perfection. For anyone considering taking the monthly program, I would say: don’t hesitate. This may all sound hyperbolic, but sincerely, I have taken a lot of healing programs and this is by far the most life changing one I have ever participated in.” Clemintine G. USA


These session have been very profound. I feel much calmer and feel life has taken on a dream-like quality and I float peacefully in it even if I am busy doing things. My mind is very quiet….so different than before. The more I practice being in the moment, the more it is becoming available. I feel deep integration going on in my body. What also truly amazes me, is that my Fragrance Alchemy oils have been guiding me through issues by either leaking so that I take notice, or I smell the one I need.  Over the past few weeks, this guidance has been spot on. So grateful that the angels of these oils are with me on this incredible journey. Many blessings to you both for providing this incredible opportunity for awakening in us. Lynne S, NS


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