Valuing what you have, Depth of Living through Awakening on all 7 Levels, Blooming where you are Planted

July 9nd 5pm ET / 6pm ADT / 10pm GMT / 2pm PT – 90 minutes

bloom where plantedWe are called to come to peace within ourselves…to bloom where are are planted, and stop looking for greener pastures elsewhere, as this causes restlessness… a state of insatiability and ingratitude, which in turn results in resource depletion. We will never discover the depth of our being if we are continually looking for things external to us that will only distract. And only in depth of living can we receive the abundance that has no limits.

Insatiable seeking of more and more is self-depleting in our own lives, but it also impacts on the state of resources on the planet, and we are seeing this very clearly in the world.

There is infinite abundance in the Infinite’s true dream, that is heaven on earth, but we must resolve the issues that keep us trapped in the dream of separation in order to leave it….Resolution of this issue is in order, so that we can become a conduit of limitless abundance and flourishing for all.

Again, you are reminded of the overarching themes of last week, as these will be carried through for the next few weeks. We are to unleash new vitality through purposeful focus, showing up anew, and bringing movement to all areas of stagnation. But this week the focus of fresh vitality will have added nuances.

In shallow living, restlessness takes hold, and causes us to become overpolarized in one or another level of existence where we seek fulfillment outside of us…we may be overpolarized physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually…and it plays out as insatiability on each level–as wanting more and more and engaging shallowly without appreciating what we have.

Restlessness results from an imbalance between the receptive and proactive aspects within. Receptivity comes from beingness—from a depth in beingness that is fulfilling; pro-activity is doing, but doing is self-fulfilling when it is inspired from within and we can appreciate the privilege of what we do. Most people overvalue doing and do not allow for receptive being, and so cannot receive from the bounty of life. In over-activity, we also cannot hear inspiration , which is the inner guidance that streamlines life, causing all that we do to bear fruit in terms of it being both generative in life and self-fulfilling. When we are self-fulfilled, we are sated…which is an inner state that orients us to find fulfillment within our depths.

When we look within for our abundance and sustenance, all life without thrives. It happen through depth of living that “embraces the multi-dimensional nature of existence–engaging from all levels available to us, such that we are inspired by the richness of the moment, circumstances aside….” Almine

To dissolve the compensatory behaviors of unfulfilment, we need to slow down….and as suggested in last week’s notes

  • Practice balanced living with times for receptive beingness, and times for truly engaged doingness
  • Stop squandering resources
  • Be in fuller presence
  • Practice gratitude, recognizing wherever you are is a grateful privilege

Then add the following:

  • Live frugally….engage only in what has meaning to you, cut out distractions and excess activity get comfortable in solitude
  • Simplify your life…rather than look for bigger….look for smaller…
  • Rather than look for convenience, look to do things yourself…
  • Examine and eliminate all obsessive desire for increase, augmentation, and ambition.

All of these practices support you to depth of living, in full multidimensional awarenes (i.e. from all chakras or fields or perception). When you live from depth, you live in contented self-fulfilment.

Imagine you now live in a world where less is more….where the less you consume and amass, the wealthier you become because you are expanding within.  Ponder on this deeply, as this is the reality of inner space. When you live this deeply, you access a much bigger power source that will cause all that you do to generate resources for all.  The limitless abundance in the new reality of self-sovereignty is one of natural opulence–much like you see in nature–, it is not excess as we see in the dream of separation.

Embracing natural opulence and refusing to be programmed for excess is a big step in self-liberation and finding what our heart’s true desires are.

General Process for the Remote Session

For this session,  plan on a full hour of meditation.

1) If you have Fragrance Alchemy

FA logo 2

  • Do the 3 centers FA Protocol:
  • Blend of the Gods and Flower of Saffron on the Crown point (top of head)
  • Rose and Henna Flower on the Heart center
  • Lion of Judah 2 inches below the navel

Add Goddess Blend above the pubic bone, at the tailbone, and under the feet

Do the 3 Resurrection points:

  • Song of the High Heart on the thymus area
  • Lotus oil 2 inches above the navel
  • Rose oil on the 3rd eye (between eyebrows)

1) Choose a music elixir and align the 3 centers (use the 3-centers alignment audio meditation on the main resources page if you wish). Have the EHS power sigil printed so you can look at it, and intend it to activate in Head, Heart, and Gut centers. (If you have our personal EHS activated, then use that). Next, imagine the EHS expanding out as a cocoon of healing light/frequencies around you. The EHS acts as an ‘enfolding embrace’ for all the transmission accumulated over the course of our work.

8-332) Take some time to contemplate on living simply, in depth of self-fulfilment from successful solitude, finding contentment through appreciating what you have, etc

Take your time to feel the reorientation necessary to find needs fulfillment from within and eliminate all distractions without.  How an you bloom with grace where you are planted?

3) Pick a random Spread from the 19 Principles of Hope given in the weekly material, below.

  • Click on the link for the Rune Mastery Environment (RME).
  • Read the principle and contemplate it for your life.
  • Click on each rune to enlarge it,  look at it, read its meaning, read the name of the angel god, and ask that its principle be activated in you.
  • Feel the alchemy of all 7 runes, and imagine the wheel with all runes moving through you from head to Crown chakra and beyond. Beyond the Crown, see it expand all around you, then all around the planet or cosmos.  Intend that as you live the principle and runes, that the resources unleashed ripple out to all life.

4) Go into a deep meditative state (with an elixir playing)

Spend as much time in deep inner silence and mindlessness as you can. Almine’s Poetry of Dreaming (on general resource page) is a good one, as it clears subconscious distorted frequencies, and is a wonderful music elixir for deep meditation. Be still in a deeply receptive state for as long as you wish.

5) At the end, acknowledge and be grateful for all support, and flow your appreciation through head, heart, and gut and feel it raying out to your environment.

During the week

Valuing what you have, Depth of Living through Awakening on all 7 Levels (chakras)

Continue with the exercises from last week. It is important that you take your time with them. Let go of everything you thought you knew about your life, about who you are. Become comfortable with not knowing, let not knowing evoke the spirit of adventure rather than cause anxiety or insecurity.  Fill your heart with hope, as you deepen your roots where you are, here and now.

The Seven Perceptions to Clear the Membranes Between the Chakras

There are 7 perceptions to embody, in order to clear the membranes that have separated the chakra fields, and scrambled their communication. These perceptions lived, unify the chakras, enabling the tool of transcendence to be mastered. In Transcendence, we fluidly move awareness across the fields and adeptly maneuver around and through density as called for. As we establish simultaneous presence of all fields, we seal energy leaks and eventually permeate every aspect of our reality. With the ability of multi-dimensional awareness, our power for life is increased. With transcendence mastered, we live the unchallenged journey of the inspired life.

As we bridge realities through multi-perspectives, we become a steady source of resources. Abundance results from the graceful transitions through the illusion density.

You may access the short video with Runes, on this page: 7 Perceptions to Clear the Membranes Password: 7perceptions

Rune Support

phoebe owl GMFor the next few weeks, you will have access to the Rune Process to support 16 Principles of Hope. To live from active hope deepens grateful presence in the moment. This too helps you to bloom where you are planted–fully appreciating the moment as a window to experience your eternal depth.

Hope does not wait for a future time of fulfilment. Hope is a very richly nuanced state of being that fulfils itself in the moment. It opens up the moment as a window into eternity, wherein anything becomes possible.

The 16 Principles of Hope come to us from Almine ( They are incredible powers that can change a moment of dullness or despair, into a highly charged and pivotal one. Daily use is recommended.







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