Vertical-Awaring From the Heart’s Zero-Point

Mastering neutrality for Continual and Accelerated Transcendence

These times are absolutely unprecedented, and the most exciting to be incarnated in!

A new future is dawning that is no longer a linear continuation of the past. Many old structure are not being supported anymore and are undergoing dissolution in order to bring in a whole new reality for the unfoldment of creation. If you are thinking future in terms of what you’ve known, you are misaligned with the present reality and not actively and powerfully engaging with it.

The Wave of Cosmic Love that is present with the portal opening of 2012 brings with it a higher order of consciousness altogether. The laws of creation have changed, and it is now possible to establish a new relationship with the Infinite such that we may embody more and more of our full dimensional selves….incarnating All That Is through our unique facet or essence. The portal aligns this planetary realm with the Central Sun out of which all emerged.

New DNA templates are available that will evolve our bodies into vehicles of higher consciousness to birth this new creation. In order to open to this, however, we must stop the separated mind from having rule over our being, bring peace to the needy heart, and allow a deeper consciousness to emerge from within. This is absolutely essential to our forward evolution.

Although the world may appear so messed up at present and we may be caught in fearful scenarios, there is nothing in the phenomenal world that can harm your essence that is eternal– the more you realize that and release fear and control, the more of your true essence/presence/power you bring into conscious embodiment. In other words, as you release fear of life you will embody the power and presence to transcend all that may transpire in the transitionary years ahead. You will increase in your ability to impact on your personal reality as well as the collective reality.

Only in full surrendered trust and knowing the benevolence of life and the perfection with which it unfolds, can we align with the profound changes occurring on the planet.

The portal of 2012 brings with it the possibility to embody our true self on all dimensions right up to the Godhead. Your essence or true self is infinite….you exist on all dimensions right to the Central Sun out of which All emerged. This has never been possible before in all time.

To summarize, what has changed at this time is

  1. the planet has moved into the Heart level,
  2. all the old density grids (matrices) that held humanity in lower consciousness are dissolving, and
  3.  a portal to the deeper dimensional self  (to the Central Sun) has opened, and those vibrational levels may now be embodied within so that you too can synchronize with the planetary ascension.

This program to embody your deeper higher self — godhood — gives you foundational support to stay in sync with the Great Transition. It is also foundational to all the exciting programs and courses that will be offered in 2013-14. In the program you will learn to:

  • Shut down the separated mind that operates in fear and regain mastery over it to serve the indwelling consciousness that is rooted in your higher spiritual nature (Higher Self).
  • Cultivate the alphatheta and delta brainwave states to the degree that you operate from those levels in ordinary life. Theta is the level of instant manifestation; delta is the level of automatic healing and evolution of the body. With continual and strong deeper brainwave patterns you will synthesize prana or the higher life force available, which is what enables higher consciousness.
  • Heal and master the three centers of Intelligence within (Head, Heart, Gut) and reestablish connection to deeper wisdom within the great cosmic rhythms. In cosmic harmony, you tap into the’ wisdom will ‘of creation–Infinite Intent– and your life will operate in synchrony with it and begin to flow in divine grace. These three centers have been shut down and acting antagonistically–their associated glands have atrophied and operated in distortion–it is time to reawaken and activate so that as human beings we may walk the path of freedom.
  • Through vertical-awaring, learn to become strongly anchored in the consciousness of observer that resides in the Heart that is neutral. Learn to transform within according to what you perceive in your reality, thereby expanding the Heart and engaging love as an ordering power around you. Learn to systematically release the patterns of woundedness through vertical-awaring.
  • Learn to release neediness and lack consciousness that keeps you attached to externals, and flow from source all that you have need of.
  • And much more….

This program is delivered in 5 segments over an 10-week period. With over 20 hours of audio (talks and meditations) and supportive written material (eight manuals), you will deepen in your understanding and competency in gaining mastery over your mind and operating from the Heart center. This will lay the foundation for an exciting journey to accelerated body evolution, higher consciousness, and power to be a true agent of conscious evolution that will be presented through the Purification to Awakening and Power on All Levels of Being program that will be offered live in the April/May timeframe (some details below, and more will be posted soon).

This program includes a 60-minute private session with me (valued at $125) as well as email support. The cost of this 10-week program is $325, which may be paid in full or in three monthly installments of $115. Email me should you need more flexibility in payment.

Price from now until March 31st is only $333, and goes up to $444 in April, as the program has been expanded significantly. 


Wanted to share… had a wonderful experience. I was again guided the other day to listen to the audio call on Vertical Awaring, and follow that with the Missing Tones audio.I’ve listened to both individually a number of times and “profound” barely scratches the surface of the expansion and shifts. I had to sit for about an hour after the VA call. The expansion was so great it held while listening to the Missing Tones audio. This delicious field was continued as part of me when I went to bed and when I woke up during the night. Amazing power! OS, USA


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By itself this program will support you to a new way of being in the world and give you the tools to continue in self-healing.  But if you want to join an eager group who want to push through all boundaries and embrace infinite potential in 2014, you are encouraged to do this without delay! Vertical-Awaring, the DNA activation program, or a series of audio programs are recommended pre-requisites to join the Miraculous Body Program in 2014!


Read more below to understand the power of vertical-awaring….

I uncovered the process of vertical-awaring through intense questing from a desire to embody  and to truly know freedom in being. Over a two year period, I was led to deeply explore the many hindrances that we faced on the planet. Over a period of time, I uncovered a process of vertical-awaring that anchors consciousness in the zero-point essence of the Heart, and harmonizes the three main centers of Intelligence (Head, Heart, Gut). So much was revealed to us that I am only now more fully understanding as I teach these methods. There is so much to convey and so much more to discover!

Humanity must now move into Heart-chakra consciousness, and this entails, at minimum, dissolution of the ego structures, of the old karmic structures, and full resolution of the deeds through all time at the soul level. The future has little to do with the past as we are enter into a whole new reality.

Transcending the ego and moving consciousness beyond the lower three chakras and into the Heart allows us to embody the principles of pristine man and beyond. The power of Living Love that is causing the planet to shift dramatically is also supporting us to evolve and move into the Heart. Now more than ever, your striving to be love will be fully supported and magnified.

The Great Wave of Cosmic Love is causing the dissolution of those imprisoning matrices of the old reality of separation, and those seeking awakening must do so within themselves too. Everyone is called to step up into this reality, and the process is one that will unleash far greater presence and power from within. Fortunately, there are processes and competencies that you can learn to transition as smoothly as possible through the times ahead! And there is tremendous support for those who embrace the evolutionary impulses of the times.

In moving into the Heart chakra, our consciousness can no longer remain rooted in the lower three levels that are connected to survival. In survival mode, we operate from fear and control, and these vibrations shut down the body’s ability to evolve and cause it to operate under the laws of mortality. In fear, the entire endocrine system and brain chemistry shut down, and you are under the tyranny of the lower ego that amplifies the distortions of the subconscious mind (the stuff of the lower three chakras). In survival, only the first two strands of DNA are actively expressing, and you operate under the genetic stream tied to all the distortions of the past. In the Heart chakra, on the other hand, you access the zero-point that is the essence and source point of your true being, and you move out of survival patterns altogether. Everyone is being led to center in the Heart because the old structures are crumbling on the planet. But even if being led, you are fully at choice to resist.

Imagine the zero-point essence of the Heart as the still point, or the eye of the vortex that is your consciousness. You are not hard matter–you are a vortex of consciousness spinning at a certain vibratory rate in an ocean of Void–of pure creator consciousness. If you are ‘off-center,’ you are in the storm rather than in the eye of the storm. In vertical-awaring, you become the observer of your life that is neutral and radiating understanding and acceptance, you become a strong magnetic force that orders all that is within its spin and draws forth even more potential from the ocean of divine potential. The more you deepen in the observer and reach beyond the mind to the deeper infinite consciousness within, the more powerful you are in the still point and the greater command you have over all that is in your life and the world around you. When you are centered in the Heart, you are an orderly and powerful force of love. When you are caught in the ‘stuff’, you are unable to order it and you will experience stormy chaos.

The power of being the observer through vertical-awaring is that you are in complete neutrality and present to all aspects of you.–that is what the Heart’s love is. Love is not some feel-good fluffy emotion–it is a ‘quiet’ and steady power of being. As true observer-self you are in the zero-point of the Heart from where your essence emerges into embodiment. Your essence or true self is infinite….you exist on all dimensions right to the Central Sun out of which All emerged. As you embody your essence to an increasing degree, you become a force of conscious evolution. The times call for radical inner transformation. Without this, your efforts will remain in vain as they will be mixed up with archaic beliefs of a power of evil ‘out there’. There is nothing to battle ‘out there’; but all that you perceive can be a catalyst to go deeply within to allow the ordering power to arise from the depth within.

There is nothing to battle once you move consistently into the zero-point essence within the Heart. Everything can be observed with neutrality and love, and from that place you simply know that you are done ‘playing’ with the old painful creations. When you realize this, it begins to dissolve by your intention. Love is the power to dis-create and create anew. And the more distortions that you dis-create, the more you grow in love-power.

As you embark on the path of conscious awakening, you will increasingly have inner stirrings that you can no longer ignore–pay attention as this is deeper self guiding you into a new reality.

In vertical-awaring you increase your ability to be in in the deeper brainwave states of theta and even delta, where instant manifestation and automatic healing take place. As you quiet the chattering thinking mind and dwell in the neutral Heart, you allow far more spiritual power to activate within you, giving your body the peace it needs to do its job at evolving your biology. Your fearful, worried, controlling, planning mind is the biggest obstacle to your evolution. You can learn to get the small self out of the way to make room for the larger Self to arise from within.

In the observer self you are not in the separated planning mind. You no longer ‘plan’ your life…you no longer try to manifest all your many small desires; rather you surrender to deeper wisdom and guidance and allow full presence and power to emerge from the depth within and lead you into the unknown. You let your deeper indwelling awareness manifest your highest potential, while you simply open to engaging what presents itself to you in life. This is radically different from most teachings on manifestation, however, the NEW FUTURE OPENING UP TO US IS BEYOND WHAT WE MAY IMAGINE.

In the old paradigm, you could manifest by focusing on something. In this new reality, your focus simply shrinks you and diminishes your power. We must learn to open to grandest potential beyond what we may imagine, and increasingly stand in full knowing that immense power can flow through us as we become harmless, selfless, non-judgmental, and impervious to egoic patterns. We are poised to make the biggest leap of consciousness of all time once we fully understand the new rules!

You can learn this powerful process of vertical-awaring through this self-study program that I am offering starting February 1. This program includes one 60-minute private session with me to support you to translate the teachings into action in daily life. In this session we will clear your blocks to opening up to far greater potential through the process of vertical-awaring. To sign up, use the purchase buttons above.

In Joyful Service to All who are Eager to Awaken!



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