Vibrational Tools Used in Programs


cosmicchakra1Activations are energetic transmissions of light and frequency, which impact on the subtle etheric, emotional and mental/spiritual bodies and eventually impact on the physical. They may impact on meridians, chakras, thought forms, DNA, glands, etc. They are performed through remote healing sessions, by me (Anita) and a team of healing practitioners that are helping through the program. Each week, the activation work varies depending on the theme of the week. Another source of activation comes from angelic elixirs that play in the audio meditations. These are frequency/sound elixirs that alter the DNA and cause you to have access to new insight and perception. See below for details. And yet another form of activation comes through the sigils and power wheels used (see below for details).

Once you receive activations, you are included in maintenance program that I do 3 times per week, which engages many angelic beings in support of magnifying and maintaining what was transmitted in the session work.

Angelic Elixirsangels in light temple

Many of the audios in the program use angelic sound elixirs in the background. These elixirs hold specific frequencies that work at the DNA level, allowing mighty angelic orders to work through you to anchor in the new reality beyond duality. They “liberate the strands of DNA, purifying and activating more DNA capacity”.  To read more about these, please go to this page: Angelic Elixirs that work directly in the DNA. On that page,  you will find an exercise and angelic elixir to help you clear the binds of enmeshment with others.

The elixirs bring in the divine masculine and divine feminine powers to live as ‘pristine man’ (beyond the ‘Fall’).  You will receive several blends that are purely music. These may be played in meditation or simply as background music. They can also be played in a healing room to clear the space, to calm your children (or yourself), or in your home to set sacred space.

Light and Sound Elixirs

fa_goddessblendSome light (art) and sound elixirs (all created by Almine) are also used with some of the meditative exercises. All elixirs are designed to cancel out illusion. With sound, the effect is to clear the old  emotional responses and clear the unresolved emotions (frequencies) trapped in memory.

Light elixirs eliminate the ‘impressions’ (electrically-based) that we have left behind as ‘ghosts of the past’.  The art also speaks to the subconscious that has repressed things we could not understand.

Sigils and Power Wheels

LovePraiseGratitudePlease read this very short pdf to get a clear understanding of sigils and power wheels that will be offered for your use in exercises and meditations. All wheels and sigils come from the work of seer and mystic, Almine.  Wheels&Sigils pdf




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