Walking the Peaceful Journey in Reverence for All Life

Peace Wheels



This pdf contains the seven peace wheels: Peace wheels pdf.

These wheels were received by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, www.spiritualjourneys.com.

Below are short discussions on the first six aspects of peace, which all contribute to the 7th of Emotions of Deep Peace. With continual praise, love, and gratitude that lead to recognition of the flawless perfection of unfolding life, the contentment of deep peace sets in.

Contemplate on each and see how they may come alive for you. When you tread lightly upon your journey, you will recognize increasingly, the sacredness of life.  As you become gentle and all-inclusive, so you will experience life as graceful unfolding.

These wheels have particular relevance  to releasing tension from all parts of the body, and bringing them all into the present moment.  Whenever we resist life, we are in opposition. Resistance is cause of linear time and the noisy mind that sustains illusion.


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