Week 6 download..

Audio Meditations for Week 6:

Main Reading:

The exercises manual will be out later, and will come in two parts–the first will be out asap (to explain the endocrine activation meditation audio, above), and part II will come out later.

Talks on Audio for Week 6:

  • We covered the full set of GF talks in prior weeks. There is an audio by a colleague of mine that is in preparation–in this audio he discusses the impact of his research into the afterlife and how it has impacted on his spiritual practice and focus and priorities in life. I will have that uploaded as soon as it is ready!

Activation work: The work this week focuses on establishing the angelic impulses and principles of our divine covenant back through time so that there is greater embodiment in the present. Pathways to fulfilling the covenant are also established as future potentials. Work will continue on establishing only what bears the quality of infinity at all levels, including in belief, DNA coding, future pathways, memory imprints, etc. The endocrine system will be activated and cosmic connection established, and exploration will be done to seed the new future in the body.


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