What do distortions in our senses do? How are they related to the endocrine system?

Firstly, we have many more senses that we know–12 senses develop at birth, and through their  distortions we recreate the original ‘Fall’ and become imprisoned in various levels of the illusion.  In a remote healing session program in 2011, an entire chapter was dedicated  to the 12 senses and how they impact us in life. The senses are portals to infinite intelligence and power. They determine the way that our endocrine system operates in life. The endocrine system has infinite potential expression and is our true GPS and the glands with which we manifest as divine co-creators and evolve our being simultaneously.  When in the unreality of scarcity and threat, our bodies produce death hormones and all that we manifest is subject to the law of compensation.

When firmly in divine reality, on the other hand, you are not apart from anything…and as you create so you are shaped–in other words you are first cause and evolve through expressing more and more fully and igniting your life 360 degrees through wholeness.  Only in illusion can there be little growth in a ‘life’, because you try to separate yourself from everything.  In separative consciousness you cut yourself off from source and are under the forces of mortality, much like a flower that is from the stem.

Through our senses, eternity ripples through and we are made anew…over and over again.  But when our senses are distorted, they are protective, defensive, and plugged into a false world of survival, lack and threat.  Distorted senses are called ‘selfish’ because they seek to secure something–they are either protective or greedy–and to this degree do we have the  inequitable use of resources in our bodies.  And of course, this is the cause of inequity in the world.

The most startling and destructive selfishness can be seen through how we ‘see’ the world.  This is taught in the DNA repair and activation program, and is a life-altering revelation, which when corrected will move you decidedly on the path out of the ‘matrix of mirrors of opposites’.

Rudolf Steiner has described the four deeds of the Christ though the ages, and one such deed was the healing of the senses that had become selfish. As I said, we are touching on deep esoteric events in our evolution.  Through alchemy of fragrance, the sense of smell is made to powerfully operate in our bodies to entrain its systems to sing their pure tones…to emit  their proper frequencies.  As alchemical frequencies are activated within the sense of smell–specifically designee to match the tones of the meridians–, this pristine, unselfish sense enables these to operate through the body, resulting in subtle and powerful shifts. The first line of effect is in the meridians, enabling the dissolution of negative emotions and memory, but the full effects are more profound and affect all senses.

Through this elegant method, we will be accelerated to remember ourselves in our innocence and pure essence, and this will support our evolution to the new reality that can establish in and through us. The Fragrance Alchemy combines scent, sound elixirs, acupressure protocols and profound insights and affirmations to achieve emotional ascension to a higher order of being no longer in drama and scarcity. I am starting to train practitioners in all these amazing modalities–please email if interested.

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What is now possible… In clear feeling there can arise true awareness. In clear feeling the 24 chakras of the body will begin to come online and we become attuned to the higher light and frequency that is the new reality emerging in and around us. As chakras attune to higher frequencies, the senses serve a higher function, and we move to greater harmonies at all levels. Senses inform the endocrine glands that will then secrete higher hormones of life rather than the death hormones (secreted by stress states)–and eventually will secrete the god hormones that lead to a far higher order of life. All this is now possible that the angelic orders have come to assist us in healing masculine and feminine distortions and evolving our DNA.

thymus glandEmitting higher hormones causes our bodies to act as powerful self-inseminating wombs for our dreams to manifest. We then emit frequencies into the universe that responds as perfect dance partner to the song of our purified heart and activated high heart (thymus). You will begin to feel a new vibratory quality in your cells, a new level of engagement in life from a baseline of fullness and gladness of heart. All this is now possible for those who choose to wake up from the old dream of separation that is no longer being sustained…


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