What Ifs

Love is infinity itself and the power of the universe. If you are living from assumptions based on life programming, you are not open to infinity and ‘have fallen out of love’. Out of love, you are like the drop that has jumped out of the ocean; in love, you wield the power of the ocean.

What might be possible if all your beliefs opened up to infinity?


What if…

  • What if you allowed yourself to entertain beliefs that you were a spiritual giant waking up to itself?
  • What if you knew that God was seeking embodiment in you and all that was in the way were your beliefs in your small, separated self?
  • What if you knew that your judgment and fear were the only things keeping heaven from being in the here and now?
  • What if you saw your past as the most amazing wise guidance you could ever have devised, you took in all the lessons, and simply stepped out of all the stories right now to embrace a life without limitation?
  • What if every tragedy or trauma in your life was really a portal to your soul’s liberation??
  • What if every relationship was an invitation to deeper self-realization through communion with the One?
  • What if you released all attachment to perspective and lived ‘multi-perspectively’ in a manner encompassing 360 degrees and all levels of reality?
  • What if you released all assumptions, resistance to life, and judgments that separates you from parts of yourself and others?
  • What if you lived without preference, without opinion, without judgment…and just allowed awareness? (Opinion is engendered by thought that separates, while awareness is being one with…)
  • What if you knew that if you had another’s past soul history you would be them, and that as you assist another you are really assisting God to break through their perceived limitations?
  • What if you lived beyond all hurt and fear…where you simply observed the infinitesimal part of you that was in the hurt perspective, from a vantage point of omniscient awareness?
  • What if you could talk to God throughout the day by going within?
  • What if God could think in you without restriction? What if all thought emerged from infinity and omniscience? Do you believe you would still have problems in life…or perceive problems in the world? When we no longer perceive problems we are a power of transcendence…
  • What if you could step into the Great Void—the Ocean of Love—and reorder things through an immense surge of love?
  • What if you could experience your body as a microcosm of the great macrocosm and could tap into infinite life force energy?
  • What if your DNA is the Jacob’s ladder bridging heaven and earth and new DNA was coming in that evolves the body into the Temple of macrocosmic consciousness?
  • What if all the travesties on the planet could be transcended, and in that transcendence you had the power to transmute them?

This and more we explore and embrace in the Healing Programs through 2013.


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