What to Expect From During the Program and How to Move through Gracefully

What to Expect and What to Do

  • Greater intensity or greater sense of calm, peace and presence (at different times).  When in intensity, be very mindful of agendas and desire to have people understand or validate you. Others cannot see beyond what they are conscious of–release the need to be understood by others as you transition. In time, all will stabilize, and you will find you attract people into your life that are in resonance with you.
  • Greater awareness of the negativity or insanity around you –  As your bodies purify, you attune to more information around you. When facing negativity, mentally state, “That is not my reality…I no longer dwell in illusion/drama.”  And simply let it pass through you like wind through the leaves of a tree. If it ‘sticks’, then you can process your ‘neediness’ or attachment to the situation more deeply when you can be alone. (Use the elixir/exercise from angel Lauvael for this this,which you can access through the link on information on angelic DNA elixirs.)
  • Fear of relationships changing in your life. This is a common fear that can stop you short and keep you in collusion and density. In times of transition, you must courageously keep your gaze on the ‘polestar’, and allow the bumps as things shift–this will minimize them. Everything is in flux, and your shifts can stir things up where there is stagnation and entanglement with others.  Know that you are simply stirring up the waters, and they can look muddy for awhile. Courage, perseverance, and  higher vision are called for when you are on the path of ascent. Refrain from projecting fearful scenarios into the future, and allow things to be in flux as they may need to be.
  • Increased sleepiness at times of doing the audios. Many people say this. When I get sleepy with angelic elixirs, I focus on feeling the frequencies vibrating in different parts of my body. Focusing intently on something helps to stay awake.  Almine addresses this more in the audio clip, below.
  • Do things differently to work through addictions and cravings. Two audios of elixirs are provided to address food cravings and addictions, and others to clear pathogens and restore missing tones in the body. Play these often if these are issues for you.  Being controlled by compulsion dims consciousness at a time where we are seeking heightened awareness. No compulsion is ‘harmless’ when you seek to beat  mastery.
  • Overwhelm- There is a lot of information in this program that may be new to  you.  Let go of needing to control things with the mind. Even if you don’t have a clear mental ‘grasp’ of some of the material, you are taking it in via the remote healing work.  These tools, audios, processes, etc. are yours for life. Pace yourself. When overwhelmed, observe yourself and feel into the fear…and ask that it be released. Then choose one thing to do, and do it in full presence, opening up to deepest integration of all that is being transmitted, cleared, and upgraded.
  • Guilt – over not doing enough, over eating something ‘wrong’, etc. There is no measuring stick to live up to. All that you do with striving and joy is good. Guilt causes toxic buildup and dims consciousness–it is a man-made negative emotion that causes higher acidity levels.  Recognize its obsolescence, and ask that it release from you. Do the LPG elixir, and ask that you be uplifted to a state that transcends the negative emotions altogether. Do this on your willingness to let it go.


Note on Sleepiness as you Work with Archangelic & Angelic Elixirs and Activation Audios

Short audio by Almine, on why angels make you sleepy: the overload of information download, and the higher feeling states of bliss. This is magnified in an acidic body. The important message here is that as you increase the harmony of  your inner terrain, you have the ability to hold greater consciousness.  The less able you are to hold higher vibrations, the sleepier you are. That is why we fall asleep when we must process life events in the soul realm (in sleep).  So as you purify, you will be able to remain awake/conscious in higher feeling states and states of mental illumination.




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